Cuba's Fidel Castro, former president, dies aged 90


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Nov 5, 2016

Cuba's Fidel Castro, former president, dies aged 90

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Good riddance to this murderous dictator. The problem is that his fellow dictator brother Raul Castro is still in control. But perhaps the Cuban people don't have as much confidence in him.

It would be nice to see a freedom revolution in Cuba, but Obama may have messed up that possibility with his ill advised overtures to the Castros, which legitimized them to some degree.

Perhaps Trump can do some sort of interesting maneuver to convince the Cuban people to rise up and get rid of the other Castro once and for all. This would be tough because the Cuban people have been indoctrinated with Marxism for over 50 years.

We shall see what happens. It should be interesting.
My guess is that Old_Trapper70 is in mourning today over the death of one of his most beloved leftist heroes.

I did my share to express my deepest sympathy on the passing of Fidel. Considering that virtually every building in Cuba is in desperate need of a paint job, because with 50 years of marxist policies Cuba obviously cannot even afford to buy paint, I sent Raul Castro a coupon for 20% off on his next purchase at Home Depot.
Castro was a ruthless dictator. But he did get rid of a corrupt pro USA government. During the Bay of Pigs it was shown most Cubans supported him. He brought many Cubans out of poverty.
Whether Hitler or Castro, I wish we lived in a country where we could all just agree that murderous dictators are bad.
No one is saying that Castro was good. But hi get more attention than other dictators because his country was so close to the USA. The USA had an embargo on imports to Cuba> that's why they had no paint. But murderous dictators whether left or right can not be defeated through embargo
Only with money from the Soviet Union: Cuba depended on Moscow for aid and sheltered markets for its exports
He died one of the richest men in the world, maybe the richest.. the Soviet union gave him Billions..
How typical of the bankrupt mass media that the antics of a few spoilt brats in miami are given the same treatment
as the rest of the world who know a great man when they see one.