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Nov 27, 2007
Stick to dishwashing (or, chewin' butt-holes outta cowhides), as an "occupation".


"Update: Ed Hale now has apparently admitted that he had the document in his possession since September 2008 but he did not release it until recently through Orly while initially trying to get rid of it via the eBay ruse. He got it through someone by the name of “Shirley” who paid $1000 to get the document (which is weird given that it is a 1964 document).

Another irregularity is that the document is dated early 1964 while Kenya did not officially become a Republic in December 1964. So why does it say “The Republic of Kenya”. In fact the original Kenya Constitution of 1963, Kenya became independent in December 1963, does not use the term Republic of Kenya, just Kenya."