Describe Your Utopian Government!


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Jul 3, 2006
Just as the title says. This thread is a soapbox for people to put together their perfect idea of government (and society in general). Tell us what you would like to see or not see in government, society, etc...

You do not have to use your own country as a starting point, you can build something from scratch. Here are a few questions to get started:

What would the structure be? (Capitalism, Socialism, or even something not in existence)

What laws would you have and what would and wouldn't be tolerated?
What piece of human instinct would be or not be in your society?
This is an interesting thread. I think I would create a government where capitalism will be the main style, but there would also be some socialist elements. First of, every citizen has equal rights for everything available. So, there would be legal marriages for homosexuals, equal earnings for men and women, medical care available for everyone, and affordable college education. Scale income taxes: the more you make, the more you pay, unless you participate on one "reduced tax" program, which will be also a form of paying taxes in a different way, related to something that the individual would be more interested in.
I will have to think more about this, but I already want to live in a country like that!
That's the point of this thread. To imagine a society that is your own utopia, because I bet you a million dollars that it won't be mine or any other members.

Use your imagination to think of a society were you would be 100% content with. The only problem with this thread is that fact that humans need problems in the world, otherwise are minds would atrophy.
The only problem with this thread is that fact that humans need problems in the world, otherwise are minds would atrophy.

Hmm, that's an interesting quote. I've never thought of it that way, but I definitely agree with that. Seems like all forms of advancement are really attempts to tackle problems.

I'm still working on an answer to this gets complicated. Each system of rule has its benefits and downfalls, as well as each economic system...having a hard time mathcing up what I'd like best.
I can't think of a singular, categorical "utopian government" but I will say that I think it'd involve a set of people (given a government usually involves a limited set of people who govern) who either are as dynamic and versatile as populations, or else know when their time's passed. I'm not sure the former is possible.
I'm not sure that group would be able to maintained for long, even though I'm almost certain that that is what is truly needed.
A capitalist one,where achievers are rewarded,not punished,and government assistance is just that,"assistance". Not a way of life. Also where underachievers are encouraged to try harder,not cry and say life is not fair. The less government,the better. A fair,across the board tax system,such as a consumption tax. I am waiting.....
I don't think there is a single perfect government system - they're all flawed for one reason or another, because they're run by people. I agree with St. Augustine, C.S. Lewis, and others about what constitutes the best society. It doesn't depend on what type of government you have, but on what the society values. If you encourage a society that values love of God and love of neighbor, then that is the best possible society. If you encourage a system that values duty, honor, valor, etc., it will still be a good system, but not the best (think Rome). The societies degenerate from there, from love of money to love of power, etc.