Do the conservitives hate Stephen Colbert?


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Jun 13, 2007
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Conservatives see clear political statement in CBS’s Colbert hire

By replacing David Letterman with Stephen Colbert, conservatives have been quick to point out that CBS is making a clear political statement.

With the selection of Colbert, the thinking goes, CBS is keeping the “Late Show” as a bastion of liberalism.

For his part, Colbert has no explicitly expressed political views — at least, if you agree with The New York Times, which says that “he has never openly endorsed Democrats or liberal positions.” But Colbert’s schtick, and his career in general, suggest otherwise.

He once joked on air that the Taliban had a “better record on women’s rights” than Rush Limbaugh. After the Newtown massacre, he said that NRA chief Wayne LaPierre was “f***ed in the head.” He also called Sarah Palin a retard. Colbert may speak through the veil of satire, but those statements were made in anything but jest.

And he has been political out of character and off the air. In early 2013, House Democrats invited him to speak at their Caucus Issues Conference on their Twitter account. According to Politico, Colbert was invited by Nancy Pelosi herself.

When Johnny Carson was king of late night he wasn't biased at all he joked on both Dems and Republicans. He picked jokes on Nixon,Carter,Reagan and George Bush. He wasn't left or right winged. Now all of them are left winged biased. Letterman and Jimmy Fellan are the worst. When Letterman did those awful Sarah Palin jokes and the N.O.W did nothing! And so did Jimmy Fellan on Michelle Bachmann. Now if you did a joke on an left winger female youll have the N.O.W all over on you. Remember Bill Oreilly called Helen Thomas an a "wicked witch?
This is what the N.O.W did next
Now where were they when Letterman did those Sarah Palin jokes? And where were they when Jimmy Fellan called Michelle Bachmann an lying bitch?
Does anyone even watch CBS anymore?

I haven't paid attention to the alphabet media since the early 90's with the exception of when they have intentional lied about news reporting and the scandals made the news outside the MSM.

Like the George Zimmerman 911 tape, Docu-gate ....etc.
I haven't watched the abc channels since I got cable.

I assume Colbert is another liberal ass that isn't funny. Don't watch them either.
Somebody assumes Conservatives "care" about who regurgitates the liberal diatribe ... it ain't the messenger, it's the message.