Edwards Backs Obama!


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May 28, 2007
I am not sure what this means in the long run. But Edwards has been much sought after by both candidates. Edwards is backing Obama and speaking in Michigan as I write this.
I am not one who puts a bunch of credibility in endorsements, but this could be another nail in the coffin for Clinton. Look for Edwards to get a nice cabinet position if Obama wins, I have heard Attorney General as a likely spot.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards will endorse Sen. Barack Obama on Wednesday at a campaign event in Grand Rapids, Michigan, according to Obama's campaign.

Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. John Edwards in a CNN sponsored debate in South Carolina in January.

Edwards dropped out of the Democratic race on January 30 after poor showings in the early contests.

He told NBC last week that Obama, the Democratic front-runner, is the party's likely nominee. Both Obama and the his rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton, had sought Edwards' blessing.

Clinton campaign Chairman Terry McAuliffe said Wednesday that "we respect John Edwards, but as the voters of West Virginia showed last night, this thing is far from over."

According to CNN's latest estimates, Obama has 1,884 total delegates (pledged: 1,600, superdelegates: 284). Clinton has 1,718 total delegates (pledged: 1,445, superdelegates: 273).

Edwards, meanwhile, has 19 total pledged delegates who may or may not pledge their support for Obama at the Democratic National Committee's August convention in Denver, Colorado.

Edwards, who is not a superdelegate, said last week that it was "fine" for Clinton to continue making her case but expressed concern that a continued campaign could damage the party's prospects in November.

Wednesday's endorsement could help Obama reach out to white blue-collar voters, a demographic that Obama has failed to capture, most notably in the recent Pennsylvania and West Virginia primaries.

Edwards had campaigned on the message that he was standing up for the little guy, the people who are not traditionally given a voice in Washington, and that he would do more to fight special interests.

After dropping out of the race, Edwards asked both Clinton and Obama to make poverty a central issue in the general election and a future Democratic administration, something both agreed to do. Watch Edwards discuss Obama and Clinton on "Larry King Live" »

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An endorsement from Edwards, who ran as vice president on Sen. John Kerry's ticket in the 2004 presidential election, would have a significant impact on the race, Democratic strategist Peter Fenn said after Edwards dropped out.

"You could make an argument that the change issue does benefit Barack Obama, that he picks up that support. You could also make the argument that there's a lot of support out there amongst people that will go to Hillary," he said. "The big issue here is who will he endorse."

Some political pundits predicted that Edwards' supporters are more likely to lean in Obama's direction.

"The conventional wisdom is that Barack Obama will pick up maybe 60 percent of them, and in some places, that makes a huge difference," former presidential adviser David Gergen said in January.

Time magazine's Joe Klein contends that Clinton "represents a lot of the things that [Edwards] campaigned against, you know, the old Washington Democratic establishment that he believes got too close to the corporations in the '90s."
I hope attorney Gen. but hopefully not a running mate!

It might be time to tell Hillary to get to the back of the bus

I dont think he will be on the ticket as VP. Tried that, didnt work real well.
Look for Gov. Richardson to be the VP. Edwards I have heard has long sought the AG position.
I wonder if it would help for Obama to send Michelle to rough her up a bit :)

Would be a good brawl I bet. I would envision patches of hair gone and pant suits torn. Once the primaries are over, look for those two to play a bit nicer.
I dont think he will be on the ticket as VP. Tried that, didnt work real well.
Look for Gov. Richardson to be the VP. Edwards I have heard has long sought the AG position.

Rochardson would be a good choice for VP. Latins do not like Obama, they will go with McCain first. But if he has Richardson as a VP he can get the latin vote.

And besides that Richardson deserves it. I wont go on to say why I think he deserves it, that could get me banned. :) :)
I think your assessment that Latino/Hispanic voters as a group dont like Obama is not quite true, I think it is just that they prefer Hillary in some states. You will see the latinos support democrats in November.

You must understand that Hillary knows this is over for her this year. In her heart and mind she knows it. Personally, I dont really care for the woman, but she has been campaigning a long long time, and has come this far, let her finish the race. She is putting herself into position to be either Senate Majority Leader, or Governor in NY in 2010 I believe the next election is. She could probably do both fairly easily.

With all due respect to her, I have come to respect her more than I did a year ago. She has campaigned hard and she has done it largely on her own, as her own person and candidate and not to much with Bubba. Although Bubba has stumped hard for her, but she has done the lions share of the work.
I think your assessment that Latino/Hispanic voters as a group dont like Obama is not quite true, I think it is just that they prefer Hillary in some states. You will see the latinos support democrats in November.

This will have to be a wait and see thing. This is half of my heritage. Though I am mostly Native American I am also part Spanish and I know a lot about our community.

I can not really tell you why it is but Spanish people (in general) don’t really like Obama. Maybe that’s why I don’t like him  in general Asians don’t either. Though I have no real understanding of the Asian culture, I can not speak for them much.

So I am really really really hoping he does not pick Richardson.
Does this mean you are coming on board the Obama train?

Obama could never get my vote, oddly though Hillary did (in the primary) and if she had of been the candidate.... I really think I would of picked her over McCain in the general. (unless McCain had Romney as a running mate.

I loathe Richardson too, picking him wouldn't do anything to get my vote but I think it would a number of others who just loathe Obama.

So... I am reduced to putting more sharpies on my credit card to spend endless nights changing B's into S :)
Oh garsh, the leftwing cornpone ambulance chaser who became a multi-millionaire driving up heath care costs, supports the leftwinger who lectures about a socialist health care system. :D
You'd think Hillary would just give up and go home at this point, but she doesn't. My theory is that she will come back in '12 (if McCain wins) or in '16 (if Obama wins) and remind the voters of her tenacity.

Tenacity spun, of course, as an extremely positive attribute. A real leader doesn't quit when the going gets rough, that kind of thing.

About the only thing that could get Hillary nominated at this point would be a successful assasination. I hate to bring up the specter of such a thing, but there are a lot of people who despise Obama, and not all of them are mentally balanced.




Hillary goes back to the Senate... I think she's burned to many bridges there now to be Speaker. Maybe she'll run for governor of New York or something.