Embassy Bombing in Greece


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Aug 31, 2006
Did anyone see this last night? It was kinda late and they broke in and said that the US Embassy had had an explostion. But I missed seeing anything on the news about it this morning. Did anyone get hurt? What exactly happened? Thanks
I saw it on CNN.com the other day. I'm really glad that my friend is still back in the US for the holidays, because he has been living in Athens, Greece for the year and will go back in a few days. I'm not sure whether anyone got hurt or not, there seems to be conflicting reports.
You know what is weird is I still have not heard anything on this on the news. And I fell asleep to the news last night. I am guessing now one got hurt and it must not be terriosts because I would guess it would be all over the news. Thank goodness Fourbear your friend came home.
Here's a URL. No deaths, no injuries. It was a rocket or some kind of projectile fired from outside at about 6 in the morning.


I wonder if there have been any other phone calls or claims for responsibility other than the ones assigning the act to the Revolutionary Struggle group?

It appears that whomever did it was more interested in making some sort of statement, rather than causing a lot of damage. If that is the case, I wonder how come no one is coming forward with some sort of statement?
Who knows why "terrorists" do what they do? They may have gotten ticked off at someone at the embassy. I'm glad that no one was hurt, though. If there had been injuries/deaths, we'd likely be headed there next.
Lots of people know why terrorists (on the whole) do what they do. The motivations of individuals profiled as terrorists is also for the large part discernible. It's not like...they're some kind of barbaric, randomly malicious irrational actor!
Thanks so much for the link. I am just surprised that I haven't seen more about it on the news. Oh well who knows why people feel the need to do things like this. Don't have their mindset so I don't understand it. Thank goodness no one was hurt.
It's not like...they're some kind of barbaric, randomly malicious irrational actor!

Anyone in particular you have in mind, dong? I can't think of anyone that fits that characterization.
I'm merely referring to the stereotype that one tends to conjure up when they think "terrorist". I think Framed has outlined a relavant criticism in an engagement with Andy D on another thread.
I think it wasn't on the news because it wasn't a big deal. My friend who just went back to Greece told me they were aiming for the embassy's sign, but missed (it went through it) and it went into a bathroom through a window instead.