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May 22, 2008
I have just return from a trip to Europe. I found many European countries like Italy seemed poorer. Many are living in the glories of the pat. However streets are cloudy and traffic bad. They have a good train system but sometimes poor staff makes it unreliable. There are people sleeping out at the train stations.

There seems less demand for services. I was always able to obtain hotel rooms without notice . Meals were easy to get even in tourist spots like Venice. Most people I met were against increase migration and the EU.


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Walter Yes I visited Rome. It is a mess with people sleeping at the railway station. The traffic is heavy with cars park everywhere. The streets are narrow perhaps the price of living in a museum.


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Of course we go to Europe because of is charm of its historic cities. We can not widen the old roads but we need to provide better areas outside the city for parking and industry, You can not live on the past. The recent suggestion that we should reintroduce entertainment to the Colosseum will not provide many jobs.
I seem to recall entertainment having already returned in the form of music concerts.
Im afraid living in the past is woven into their fabric.
I also believe there must be industry somewhere out in the boondocks. I know it is in Germany.
Of course all major industry is in the surroundings :)
Seems like the more industrial the industry the less scenic the location. And as the.major highways service these places a lot of the scenary is these plants. Except for New Jersey Where the entire state looks like that. Just kidding. They call themselves the Garden State which us a joke but parts of Jersey are lovely.
I would have guessed cozier euro countries would have smaller buffer zones as there is just less real estate than here or Australia.
One Of our hotels was some distance out of Rome. There the streets were still narrow with cars park everywhere. There seen no time restrictions. Rome is a very large city as other others cites like Naples. They do rely a lot on public transport. There are factories in the outer suburbs but as you said they tend to spoil the view.
London ban cars or imposed a penalty from using the inner city. One thing I notice European cities do have better public transport than American or Australian cities. This might be because of denser living.