Euthanasia: Good or Bad?


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Aug 8, 2007
Saint Helens, Oregon
Because I haven’t seen it on this forum yet, I would like to start a conversation regarding euthanasia. I would like to know what you’re opinions are on euthanasia whether that be in the United States or just in general. And whether you think it is good or bad?
I think that if someone would like to be euthanized, regardless the reason, they should be allowed to do so. It is amazing how the "Its my body, my decision" logic is fine for abortion, but seems to stop at euthanasia and drug use. If someone wants to commit suicide I think that euthanasia is a much cleaner alternative to slitting their wrists or blowing their head off. That aside, I think the real argument for euthanasia lies with terminal illnesses. If someone knows they are not going to make it, I think they should be allowed the option to go peacefully on their own terms in lieu of racking up massive medical bills for their family to pay for.
The fact that people even consider not letting people who are terminally ill have this choice is totally unacceptable.

Nobody has the right to tell someone to live. The fact the UK hasn't legalized it is of great pity to me.

My great aunt knew she was going to die, her legs were blue all over from the morphine (lets pump them full of heroin rather than let them die!), she tried to starve herself but couldn't go through with it. Thats not a fitting end for anybody.
The fundamental reason why euthanasia is such a third rail issue and receives the opposition it does especially in the United States is because it is simply immoral in Christianity. But religion aside, I do not view it as immorality as much as I view it as a humanitarian solution to a tragic problem.