Famous Musicians who had Drug and Alcohol problems


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Jun 13, 2007
Way Down South
All those great musicians who had Drug and Alcohol problems like Johnny Cash,Ray Charles,Elvis Pressley and Jerry Lee Lewis. But you can debate one man who didnt have Drug and Alcohol problems and that is my favorite musician "Bill Haley" That man did have problems like you and me ordinary people. He did smoke Cigars and cigarettes but he didnt pick up a bottle of whiskey or pop pills in his mouth. And some folks who did meet him says he was a very very nice polite gentleman to be around with. He loved parties and music. And Haley owned a ranch in southwest texas i guess you can call him a cowboy as well. He did sing country music at a young age but he was best at rock n roll music.His daughter Gina Haley is a singer as well but shes not as good her dad was.His sons were never in the music business but i only wished i could had meet this man in person.
There are lots of tragic stories of famous people with drug problems. Look up Bradley Nowell, he died in his prime.
Lots of people self-medicate to get a focus or level out their overwrought emotional state. A tragedy. But I admire most those who maintain a sense of balance through the trappings of pop culture notoriety.