FAUX Noise

The likes of mark and tat would not like that.

They are still in love with fox even though dominion was proven to be innocent.
The GOP auditors found the same.
It appears the game is over for Trumps little folly.
But fear comrades, USA is full of ratbag republicans.


March 9, 2023
"What strikes me about this is, what a poor job, the January 6 committee did. They had access to all of this information, and they were very, very, very selective in what they presented.

And they had a committee that was composed entirely of people chosen by Nancy Pelosi, or approved by Nancy Pelosi. The Republicans didn't really have a say on that committee, and no one on that committee did any serious cross examination. Nor did the member -- any members of that committee insist on the videotape that we've been seeing from Tucker Carlson be aired as part of what the committee was doing."

FACT CHECK: Nobody mentioned that the reason there were no members of the committee chosen by then-Minority Leader
McCarthy is because he had a temper tantrum when Pelosi rejected two of his choices and then pulled all five of his picks. In other words, the lack of McCarthy Republicans was his own doing."
April 25, 2023
"At Fox, what about other hosts who promoted Trump’s “big lie” of a stolen 2020 election, even as they told each other they didn’t believe it? Is Sean Hannity in trouble? How about Laura Ingraham? Or Maria Bartiromo?"