Five year old dies at dentist office


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Aug 31, 2006
I was just reading about the five year old little girl that went into a coma and died from lack of oxygen to the brain caused from the anesthesia she was given. The dentist had not noticed that she had quit breathing. They are saying that it might have been a combination of three sedatives she was given. She was given an oral agent, an intravenous drug and nitrous oxide. I just cannot imagine the pain this mother must be going through right now? I mean when you take your children to the dentist you never think about the possibility of your child dying. Now I am no dentist. But does this seem like alot of anestheic to give a child? I am not asking this because I know it to be to much, because I do not. I just know that I have never noticed my two boys get this amount of anestheic when the have had procedures done.
I heard alittle about this story and it seems so sad. I have never been put under for dental work because quite frankly i dont trust them enough. Now here is another reason it seems. :confused: