Google, Inc.


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Jul 14, 2006
Google Inc had another quarter of eye-popping growth in revenues, profits and market share gains.

The second-quarter net profit more than doubled, aided by a lower tax rate and a shift toward in-house advertising rather than through partners, as revenue grew 77 percent!

Google's results also showed it took further market share from rival Yahoo in the Web search market. Google, which derives virtually all of its revenue from Web search advertising, enjoyed a 9 percent rise in revenue between March and June, while Yahoo grew 3 percent.
Does anyone invest in google or yahoo? Ive seen a trend where you invest on the idea and when it pans out you sell the stock and make a bundle. was a huge success where the stock was worth a fortune before the company even saw a profit!
I just wish Google would split the stock so I could afford a couple shares.