GOP Primary

Who will win the GOP primary?

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  • Ron Paul

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  • Tom Tancredo

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I voted for McCain, he has had some slips recently. I did support him in 2000. Mostly I just didnt want this to turn into a Ron Paul vs the world from the get go.
See for me, experience counts lots. Having the entire election turn on semantics and inconsequential sound bites really have little to do with who is most qualified. If there is one person on that list who is qualified to be President of the United States. It is John McCain.
I think Guliani will be the nominee. I'm not saying that I want him to be, but all things being considered at this point, with the trends in place, I do think he'll win it.

Obviously, there are numerous variables that could alter current trends throughout the process. Many of the candidates are just too much an unknown entity to be viable at all, and I fear that will remain the case. It's tough getting your message out when the mainstream is primarily focusing on the top two, three - maybe four candidates in the party.
From my perspective on the other side of the Ocean, I like Ron Paul the most, but it seems obvious that he wont get the nomination.
What a sad, sad group. Three of them believe in outright creationism, another one believes you get your own planet when you die. Every other sentence Guiliani utters has 9/11 in it. The only one who I half agree with on anything is Ron Paul and he doesn't have a chance.
Ron Paul, if he wants a chance needs to move to the center. It seems everyone likes his views on foreign policy. I like a few of the Iraq sound bites I have heard. But on other stuff he seems more right than the mainstream. I might be reading this wrong. But that is my issue.

For me, in this election I am looking for solutions. Real solutions to ongoing problems. Issues that have been talked about constantly. But nothing has actually happened. That is what it boils down to. What has the Bush administration actually gotten done? minus fufilling the tax cut promise.

Nothing has been done on immigration.
The war on terror is a farse.
Energy costs have sky rocketed
The economy is on the verge of tipping

These four issues are the bread and butter for the GOP. Under the current administration, 3 of 4 are in shambles and one is arguable.
I am a swing voter, I dont want to support Hillary. The GOP would be wise to bring in someone who isnt just going to re-hash party lines and bring in programs and policies that actually make change, or movement towards it at least.