Florida Primaries


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May 28, 2007
Hi Folks,
Just a few hours until the polls close in Florida. Due to the DNC wanting to rule with an iron fist, the Florida delegates for the Democrats dont count which I find to be bogus and a punishment to those average voters because of an action of the party boss.

So, when its all said and done, will Guliani be out? On the GOP side will the winner in FLA be the eventual nominee? What difference does will it make for the democrat side?

Also, I will point out my disappointment in the way the news channels are covering it by relying on exit polls numbers before any votes have been counted.
Well the polls have closed.
According to CNN,
Clinton ran away with the democratic side but it doesnt mean anything in terms of delegates. Clinton is having some kind of shindig down there apparently tonight as well.

As for the GOP side, it is coming down to McCain and Romney.
McCain is in the lead but not far ahead enough to declare him the winner.

Guiliani is projected not to win in Florida. What a waste of a campaign he has run. Putting his eggs in the Florida basket did nothing but get them stomped.
Huckabee and Rudy are actually in a close race for third.