GREAT Economic news banks pay back TARP + interest

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May 15, 2007
Ohio, USA
Yes it is starting to happen!

The economic good news with President Obama at the lead is starting to trickle in!

Ten major US banks pay back ALL TARP funds some $68 BILLION DOLLARS PLUS INTEREST... $2 BILLION in interest!!!!!!!!!! WOW!

We see the stock market going back up. We have this BIG HUGE payback of taxpayer money from the banks now, another great thing. The housing market has bottomed out. The Stimulus money is just now starting to hit the streets. There's a whole lot of good stuff about to happen folks!

We get Chrysler and GM in & out of bankruptcy and we'll really start to see this growing consumer confidence that's been building since President Obama's been elected really kick some a$$!

The BUSH RECESSION may be the greatest economic downturn since the Great Depression...

But America's about to make another one of it's famous come backs!