Hilariousness (Is that a word?)

Furious George

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Aug 1, 2006
I love how Conservatives take credit for Liberal ideologies, and always try and enforce them, as if it were their duty. I'm not going to write a huge essay on this, but here are some examples;

-Democracy (Which has been so mutilated, it's not even funny.)
-Free-Market Capitalism
-Human rights
-Individual's rights

Just to name a few.
It really all depends on what rights you are talking about. Democracy was founded way before American Conservatism came into existence. As for free market trade, I would say conservatives (real conservatives, not Bush and his ilk) are more in favor of capitalism and free trade (libertarians even more so).

When it comes to human and individual rights, I don't think any party can say they are the only force that has helped with these causes. Liberals and conservatives have both created (and destroyed) rights. It all depends on if the rights are based on what parties ideology.