Hillary Clinton to launch presidential bid


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Dec 9, 2006
Austria, in the heart of Europe
Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will embark on a widely anticipated campaign for the White House Saturday -- a former first lady intent on becoming the nation's first female president.

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I think it would be great to have a woman as our president. But I am a very pessemestic person, and I can only think of the worst, (not meaning her ability to run our country) But The people that are too simple minded to see her for what she can be. I think she will have severe security issues, and it is a shame because, she is more than qualified for the job. But I can only give her my best and hope for the best as well.
I think it would be refreshing to have a female president, but what would be more refreshing is a fresh face with an international background...

I know that Mrs. Clinton is well qualified, a celebrity, and of course female, but I can't help but be attracted to Mr. Obama's background. In such a global world, I would like to see someone running America with a cross-cultural and international background, not necessarily politically.

It also bothers me how Mrs. Clinton did not oppose the Iraqi war... I would rather support a person who is less jaded with a new take on things. Who knows, I will probably change my mind anway.