How can we win on terrorism?


Aug 24, 2007
In my mind , there is third option for crisis of middle east , it's change Mullas' Regim in Iran by support Iranian people and their resistance.
Because This regim export their crisis in Iran to all of the world with terror.

Hitting Tehran where it hurts

Washington Times - Editorial
Aug 20, 2007
If the new sanctions imposed on Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) by the Bush administration are to have any meaningful, positive effect on Iranian behavior, they have to be seen as a first step toward pressuring Europe and Japan to curtail their financial relationships with the Iranian regime. Already confusion has emerged through leaks to The Washington Post and New York Times about how far the sanctions actually go.
Michael Jacobson of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (who previously served as a senior adviser in the Treasury Department's Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence) observes that The Post's Aug. 15 account reported that the IRGC would be hit with sanctions under Executive Order 13224 (E.O. 13224) — issued on Sept. 23, 2001, by President Bush. Almost 500 people and entities are on this list. But according to the Times, the IRGC would be listed as a Foreign Terrorist Organization (FTO), joining approximately 40 other groups on that list. In a paper co-authored with Washington Institute scholar Patrick Clawson, Mr. Jacobson writes that the FTO listing would apply only to accounts at financial institutions but not to other types of property. But the E.O. 13224 designation would mean that "all assets of the designated entity within U.S. jurisdiction are frozen, including not only bank accounts but all other property as well."
The IRGC has long operated as a kind of Mafia on steroids — with its own intelligence service, army, navy and financial empire in which Iranian officials enrich themselves through shady deals and brute force. So, why has Washington decided to press ahead now against the Revolutionary Guard? In all likelihood it did so to increase pressure on companies overseas to stop trading with and investing in Iran. The United States has attempted to achieve this through the United Nations, but Security Council resolutions imposing sanctions on Iran have left the IRGC free to conduct its business activities, and progress on a new resolution has been stalled due to Russian and Chinese willingness to run interference for Tehran. The critical challenge for U.S. policy-makers right now is to find a way to persuade the Europeans and the Japanese to join us in circumventing the Security Council.

The way to win the "war on terrorism" is to fight actual terrorists. Now in some respect this "war" is like the war on drugs, it is impossible to totally win. Any smaller group in the world who has some fanatical element can commit terrorist acts. I mean, there that group in Japan that released Sarin on the subway. There is the Oklahoma bombing. And there will always be some fanatical muslims who want to blow stuff up.

So we need to be defensive, like securing our borders and keeping up reasonable security.

We need to find and attack only those groups that are legitimate threats, like Bin Laden. (Hint: there were no Al Qeada terrorists linked to Saddam)

Third, we have a ton of problems in our own house, we need to withdraw our troops from the 130 countries around the world where they are located and stop trying to dicate to everyone that they all need to be our lap dog. We need to go back to walking softly and carrying a big stick. Instead of being a loud bully who walks over people and beats them with our stick. This also means not trying US Military forced "regime change" in Iran, which will only cause more terrorism. Just for an example, see how well this is working in Iraq...... it's not.

Finally We need to maintain the high ground! lead from example. We can not trample our rights out of fear. We can not condone torture, secret detentions, abolishment of habeus corpis, secret wiretapping and all that because of some terrorists. If we sink to their level, then we are no better than them. If we let them destroy the principle and ideals of America, then they have accomplished their goals and they have won.

Let's be realistic. More people have died last month in automobile accident that have been killed in the last 100 years by terrorism in this country. However, our government has not spent the hundreds and hundreds of billions of $$$ against this threat. Why, because it is an internal threat that does not help the government scare the people into voting for their right wing agenda.

More americans have died in Iraq than died on 9/11. Although Iraq was not linked to 9/11, it is used to justify it by this administration. And their results is the definition of cutting off your nose to spite your face.