Release the Lion near Borders to Iran


Aug 24, 2007
In my mind , there is third option for crisis of middle east , it's change Mullas' Regim in Iran by support Iranian people and their resistance, more than %90 of iranian people hate this regime and opposite them and want to change them, but this regime is on power just with execution , torture , public hanging and press the people with anyway that they can, in iran you can wear or eat or ... anything that you want
Now if you want to know,how they are in power, see this film

First film

Second film

This regim export their crisis from Iran to all of the world with terrorism.
so I choose this group because you believe democrasi and freedom too

Release the Lion near Borders to Iran

In an article published in Human Events on Sep. 4, , president of security consulting company in Washington, James Zumwalt wrote: “for 17 years before the US invasion of Iraq, a lion roamed the border, foraging into Iran on occasion before returning to its Iraqi safe haven. Its prey was the Iranian mullahs' elite military force -- the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC). But during the 2003 invasion, US forces attacked, de-clawed and caged the beast in an effort to placate those who feared it most -- Tehran's leadership. We must not ignore the lion's fate now…”
The article gave a background and wrote: “A peaceful MEK-sponsored demonstration in 1981 against Khomeini's brutality led to one of Iran's most severe human rights abuses. Security personnel, on Khomeini's orders, opened fire on half a million demonstrators, arresting many who were later executed in prison.”
In his article James Zumwalt mentioned black listing of PMOI by US “was muddled” and wrote: “An independent group, represented by former Congressman Dick Armey, has assessed these allegations and the evidence upon which State relied in reaching its decision, finding State's decision was "fundamentally flawed." Far from being terrorists, Armey found MEK to be "a pro-democratic organization that for more than 40 years has worked to bring democracy and freedom to Iran...”
The MEK has repeatedly been a pawn…sacrificed in US-Iranian and Franco-Iranian relations." Ironically, it was put on the terrorist list in 1997 as a "goodwill gesture to Iran" -- the greatest state sponsor of terrorism. Clearly fearing MEK, Iran managed to run an effective propaganda campaign to paint MEK in a terrorist light. Meanwhile, as MEK spends its tenth year on the list, State has yet to similarly list Iran's IRGC whose Qud's Force fuels the war in Iraq.


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