How did you find House of Politics?

Just a routine search. When I got here, it was obvious that the board was just getting started and I find new boards so much more enjoyable than trying to find a niche in an old established board.
I used to be part of the now defunct about two years ago (if anyone was a member please tell me), and that was nice and small, so I went to find another one. After a google search I found this one had just started, so I joined up.
I was active on a board ******************. That boards server became so screwed up you could rarely get a post done, and if you did it required exceptional patience... I figured I would try something new and have posted here some and some on Political Crossfire.. This board is nice in that it is small so you can follow a thread without it being 5 pages in a few hours. Though it seems like a few more members might be good.

Going farther back, there were a bunch of people who were posting political rants on a Champcar racing forum called Well that racing forum decided to ban politics from their "off topic" area and a bunch of us moved to ******************
I got spammed on MySpace and accidentally clicked the link. It led me here.

Fate? Accident? The redemption of the inherent evil that is MySpace? Whatever it was, I love it here.
MySpace is so unbelievably horrible. It was a great idea that has long outlived its usefulness. Now it's about as much fun as a yahoo chat room.