How much can free men afford to lose?


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Jan 18, 2008
How much can free men afford to lose?

Man is a docile creature, feeble in his attempt to reign supreme over his apparent equals. Self-proclaimed guardians of the good of others have since from the beginning of time saught refuge to extreme positions of power; refuge from the ugliness of life itself. For men of great power are afraid to experience life's ills so are they afraid of their own mortality. So they act out in a veign attempt at immortality, as if power accumulated through this-worldly endeavours could even be credited with mediocrity in the grand scheme of things.

But man is a stubborn creature, and he will continue to be so. In the mean time, keep a gun, protect your family and protect your property. Subvert the system as much as possible so as to maximize the amount of the fruits of your labour that the guardians allow you to keep. And never lose hope, for our day will come when men of good faith will take back our world for the life, happiness and prosperity of all.
I dunno. it looks pretty grim lately. the US economy is tanking. the was on terror is spreading. the US is sinking into a place that is like the 1933 depression. but... history doesn't repeat itself where we have a world war and retain world power. instead this outcome will be different with China and Islam battling for the super power position.

the world under those super powers would be very different.
I imagine they can afford to lose quite a bit (in terms of freedom), when they're in thrall to a government that provides them with every worldly need.
One's liberty is LIMITED by the same liberty everyone else possess in equal measure. And within that precarious balance lies the concept of FREEDOM.

Always has, always will be.