Hurricane Katrina 'history'

Furious George

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Aug 1, 2006
An interactive & "experimental" data visualization as an oral history repository documenting the experiences of the Hurricane Katrina & its aftermath. The interface allows access to video narratives of 44 different people, & connects them by thematic associations. "lives connected" aims to tell a story, convey emotions & illustrate the relationships between oral narratives.

Very cool site!

That is very interesting, thanks for showing. The way they link all the people together is very unique. I hope this site brings about new awareness.
That's really quite a remarkable site. I think the concept is intriguing and it's fantastic to have this oral history. Thanks for point us to it.
Thank you for the link. It sounds very interesting. I will have to check it out. I feel so bad for these people. There are still people that cannot return home yet. And still places that need cleaned up which I find just so sad as a nation.
I've not had a chance to use the link yet, but will do so later this week. One quick question - does this focus mainly on New Orleans, or does it also include data on the Mississippi coastline and the Mobile, Alabama area as well?