China's Netizens Prosecute for dayrong


Aug 19, 2007
China's Netizens Prosecute for dayrong

Plaintiff: Day Rong Gender: Male Date of Birth: April 20th, 1970 Domicile: China ID Card No.: 330302197004205239
e-mail: homepage:

Defendant: Bush-administration and CIA of United States Address: Washington, United States

Prosecution Reasons:

American spy agencies - the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is the specialized spy agencies for dominating the world in the United States, Not long time from building,they tore off the "safeguard national security" disguise,And change to be the United States global hegemony direct strategic vanguard.the responsibility is to control the world, China and the implementation of the Cold War. comprehensive anti-China, its core mission is comprehensive anti-China. Uuder the Cold War environment,The CIA expanded, But it also made the United States suffer from their own, they made a big impediment on the mankind's survival and development, It is unexpected to americans
We all know that the CIA has the habit of assassinating the national elite for the purpose of rapid striking and weaking the strength of other countries. But people know little about the scope,approach in fact,it strike by any kinds of ways , it has been extended to persecute the family or their families, and persecution is in the all lifes. if it is eyeing the whole family,the whole families will suffer in all the lifes. persecution means cover all ways, there are many strange ways in them. Including the use of top-secret electronic Mind control weapons. Directed-energy weapons, a lifelong secret persecution.
I am an ordinary Chinese people, parents early work in an aircraft factory in China, so our family was locked by the CIA, be added to the monitoring persecution blacklist.From the beginning of 1970-1980 ,my family members were persecuted by organized,planned and systematic the long-term secret persecution , secret persecution is still continuing, persecution is very hidden, only i knowed the existence of this persecution, and the persecution to me is the most serious.
This is a never Report the massive persecution system, it is organized and implemented by the spy agencies to the ordinary people which is the whole secret actions, The aim of the operation is sustained, no evidence ,completely disrupted the physical health of mental health, work and life relationships, private property ,and so on. the goal is let people be with "a private matter" difficulties in all human life, so that they can not effectively work for the state. to achieve this purpose,they can use all ways, all possible espionage means. This is the most vicious persecution in human history. after several decades development, they use electronic Mind control weapons, directed energy weapons remote control human mind, persecution, harassment, has became a specialized art. if it is wrote as detailed book,it will be as thick as an encyclopedia.
After I disclose this persecution on the Internet in 2002 ,the persecution greatly strengthened, and gradually turned into a blatant abuse. They use at least 10-member group to 24-hour track and monitore me,and use top-secret electronic Mind control weapons, directed energy weapons to persecute me. destruction objectives include all aspects of life, directed-energy weapons constantly fire me every day, sometimes continuous shooting at one part for many hours, and sometimes power increaseing ,you can only escape from residences, shooting torture tactics are many kinds, great variety ,dangerous and terrorist, let me every day in agony, the following is part of the persecution tactics from my long-time persecution diary:

1 using directed energy weapons physiological persecution
Making constant nightmare,irradiate vascular closure, caused four limbs numb then awakened at night etc. they caused I could not sleep.
Regular irradiating head, lead to ugly facial expressions and wrinkles ,irradiating the head of vascular,lead to dizziness blurred vision.
Regular irradiating bladder, lead to frequency urgency pee,sometimes 10 times a day.
Regular irradiating large intestine, lead to farte, incontinence fecal or constipation
Regular sustained irradiating muscle of leg and hand, lead to keep trembling
2 using directed energy weapons destructe property
Regular using electromagnetic radiation directed energy weapons irradiate desktop computer,laptop handheld computer, hard drives ,lead to computer crash,can not synchronous backup
Regular blocking Gprs and broadband, lead to I can not access internet.
Regular threating to disrupt business,lead to I am afraid to carry out my own business.
Regular using big Power directed energy weapons irradiate me, force me to leave residences , no fixed abode.
3 using electronic Mind control weapons to persecute mentality, destructe interpersonal relationships, for example,
24-hour monitore my brain, compulsory Mind control. Instil Dual Personality
Frequent death threats
Regular malicious remote control emotions, constantly instill bad feelings. Idea, lead to brain keep in a long-term adverse emotion.
Regular undermine relationships ... educate staff around me feeling disgusted offensive and other negative emotions to me.

The difference between i and other victims is that when I secretly suffer from the CIA's long-term monitoring of persecution, I has also been forced as a long-term "human catastrophe occurred precognition people" . The United States has a geophysical weapons can be used to man-made earthquakes, typhoons and so on. in order to achieve political objectives, they often use it in China to make earthquakes, typhoons, then put pressure on China. First they hinted that I have the ability to predict human disaster external everywhere, and then they began to make earthquakes, typhoons which related to the my Words and deeds,not only using my to prove that it is "natural" disasters, not need to be responsible for the consequences of the disaster, but also coming to the purpose of threating Chinese Government.One action can achieve many purposes
Specific examples to illustrate how they operate:in 2006, Through CIA monitoring system, they found I would be back to Wenzhou, therefore when I first arrived Wenzhou on August 9, the United States used geophysical weapons to make the Sandinista on the next day and typhoons landed Wenzhou on time , and it is the largest super typhoon which landed china in recent 50years, the largest gusts up to 19 at the centre. This imply the Chinese government that this typhoon is their made, and force the Chinese government to meet some of their requirements.there are so many examples like this.
Such using started in 1999, enhanced in 2002 when i disclose this persecution on internet. So that I understand that some other dark insider, such as:to plitical purpose, the Bush administration make the 9.11 terrorist attacks, for purpose of the Cold War, they used artificial arms to make Hurricane Katrina,used artificial earthquake weapons to make the 2004 Tsunami on Indian Ocean which death toll reached 400,000 -- 500,000 people, and so on. These all hang a hook with me, then they implied and threated to the Chinese government, asked the Chinese government to obey the will of the United States Government. For fear of these top-secret insider exposure,the CIA stepped up to monitor and persecute me.

Under the CIA's long-standing persecution, my life completely is destroyed, and i has strained relations with family, loss of work, sold real estate, was forced out onto the mountains, was forced into mental hospitals, often caught strange disease ..... now i keep in the death threats, destruction of property threats, harassment and all kinds of persecution every day.

I appeal to the courts and international community for stopping this kind of unprecedented persecution actions against ordinary people, protecting my basic human rights, and investigating crimes of national terrorism and anti-human that Bush-administration and CIA in the above-mentioned actions.

Plaintiff: Day Rong

January 10th, 2008