The electronic Mind control weapons of the most mysterious weapons decryption


Aug 19, 2007
The electronic Mind control weapons of the most mysterious weapons decryption ----- the world's most authoritative electronic Mind control technology completedictionary so far.(2007-12-28 victims version)---by dayrong

In this paper, data collect from the three areas
1.Myself's 20 years monitored persecuted experience from the CIA using electronic Mind control weapons
2.the victims’s description from all the world who suffer persecution from the electronic Mind control weapons
3.The reports on the official media which refer the electronic Mind control weapons

This article is published in order to break through the technological blockade by the relevant organization and popularize electronic Mind control technology knowledge, so that let the electronic Mind control technology useful for the progress of mankind, to prevent such technology used mainly for criminal activities.
This paper introduced the principle of the electronic Mind control weapons, basic functions, the status quo and prospects of application. the victims who lack of evidence can even take this material as reported to public security departments and ask help.

The principle of the electronic Mind control weapons .................
the Mind control technology include electronic reading brain technology and controling brain technology.
We all know that all Physical and psychological activities signals are biological Current transmission, the human brain is actually a biological computer。the brain constantly transmite the brain current, and when current is generated ,the electromagnetic radiation will also come out. the brain make the different but regularly brain waves ,Hence, in accordance with changes of brain waves, invention a deciphering the thinking apparatus is not difficult.
The electronic Mind control technology is the basis on this principle, through highly sensitive receiver receive and enlarge brain activity which generated by weak brain wave electromagnetic radiation signal, by the specialized processing software,we can understand the brain inner thinking.contrarily, by passing the specific brain wave signals to the nervous system after launch modulation , the human brain can also be directly write the information in order to achieve the direct control the human brain.

the basic functions of electronic Mind control weapons .................
As fingerprint, every person has a specific brain wave signature, firstly, the receiver collect the human brain waves signatures by aiming at the head in the 100 meters, after putting into a computer, according to brainwaves features Code, they using the decoding software to decode signals. they isolated the signals from the visual, language, emotion, and other auditory nerve signal. Then displayed them on the computer screen by image text mode, recorded in the computer。Contrarily, they can put the needed signals into the brain after they encoded by computer, it will make the people who was written consider that it is his intuition which start from the control brain wave control the brain. controling the brain activity of the nervous system covering almost all aspects of activities: from the visual sense, hearing, taste, smell to the language, emotion, dream, even love reaction,they all can be easily read and remote control.recently, All this can be done without putting the computer chip into brain.

Specific application, for example:
1. The human body receive pulse directive sent from the brain by the vocal muscles, Then shrinking or releasing vocal cord to produce a sound, modern research shows that vocal cord also has a switch signal, People are at the time of reading silently perhaps a deliberation,vocal muscles in the state does not sound clearance,but as the language signal of the brain being sent to the vocal parts, people says breathed language in the brain.Making use of this by reading of this neural activity can know what people just thinking about,not to speak of mouth will be able to think things will be converted into voice, text to let others see.
2. Another typical application is the manufacture of dreams, if you are in the status of sleep, writing images, Language information, making part of the brain active, then they will appear as a dream in one’s brain. the highest resolution factor of exterior writing images at least come to the level of ordinary TV resolution factor.

Subject to the current computer capabilities, decoding software still unable to accurately identify on some complex thinking. such as: some of the complex's image. Abstract thinking activities, the analysis to them is currently on a networked Biological Computer…… the operator brain to Real-Time Analysis ,understand ,judgement the brain of people. After computer and the human brain's double interpretation,filtration, the secret of the human brain has nothing left.
As long as the operator who use the electronic Mind control weapons agreed , through the computer and human brain dual operation. Combination control can almost completely control a person by remote control. On the face of the electronic Mind control technology, we have no privacy at all, independent personality will not exist, people can be turned into a humanoid machines arbitrarily controlled by others.
The status quo of the electronic Mind control weapons .................
The electronic Mind control technology began in the 1970s, so far quite mature. the extreme particularity of this technology lead to they always been a mystery to the state, and every country put it as the highest national secrets, and even now is still not known to outsiders. But it has long been a wide applications in the national security field.
As for the governments of all countries are adhere to the secret of the electronic Mind control technology, their plead is that opening this technology will lead to social chaos (in fact,on that time people can carry a small brain wave interference implement for protecting themselves Privacy), the real reason is all the political forces in power fear after the publication of this technology lead to create transparent political era that people can test the reality of person’s words who in power . then it will like a dead date to them! …… Such as: 50 percent of Americans doubt the Bush administration deliberately not did ,even directed the whole incident in behind on the 9.11 terrorist attacks. Then it will be a feasible solution that let Bush accept the test by the read brain implement.
Therefore, so far the application of this technology is still with the bizarre special color, it is now mainly used for spy war between countries,.after several decades of development, the use of Mindual control technology has reached to to miracle . This is a mysterious world, a great secrets were strictly kept for several decades by the global spy agencies. so far man can not find any authoritative presentation materials on the Internet. Until recent years, the spy war lost control, equipment was aimed to the civilian population, such ultimate weapons actually become a super tool for the striking people and create a large number of electronic Mind control weapon's victims, the victims exchange the victims process on the internet,then it has finally exposed the tip of the iceberg.

Electronic Mind control weapons are mostly used for pilfering one’s secret ,the group's Mindual control, and the personal Mind control.
Application of the two former are still know little about the insider, the third has been a more detailed understanding.Firstly, a brief look at the application of the two former, then elaborate on what spy agencies to the conduct of personal electronic Mind control.
1.using for a brain wave pilfered
on the face of electronic Mind control equipment, people become a biological wiretapped, Biological camera. Their thinking and hearing would be quietly stole. There is a strange phenomenon,all of the parts refuse to talk about all the details, fear to bring out the secret of electronic Mind control technology .Even losting High secrets,they do not want to popularize the knowledge. Government officials, scientific and technological personnel, qigong master are all the target of theft of brain waves.

2 using for the group's Mindual control
there are a certain similarities between the different people to the same things’s response. using the characteristics,they can use for the group's electronic Mind control.
Currently known ,through a brain wave generator ,we can impact the emotional of groups within a certain distance , commonly is used in crowd and control the assembly crowd emotion . the greater power of brain wave generator,the more region of controling some expert commercial companies have engaged in this service, receiving money by times, it is expensive.
According to publicly reported, for the different political and military purposes, all the electronic Mind control research want to find new methods to impact the role of human intellect, manipulate the general public, aware of public action consciousness. Military electronics Mind control weapons can control the brain of hundreds of kilometres away.
According a no reliable sources, China is preventing the brain of senior officials from the high-tech control of other countries. national senior figures, all officals above the secretary of township party, the leadership of the enterprise.all of their brain waves Signature were imported to interference implement, each county region has biological interference implement and networks, protected persons, regardless of wherever they go, will not be controlled (the spy cold war between the countries is existing in the electronic Mind control region,this is a fierce contest on the invisible battlefield ).

3 detailed briefings of personal Mind control
before we introduce the details of electronic Mind control, we must understand their accurate purpose of action,
The electronic Mind control weapons used to be used on secretly persecute the hostile country 's political, economic and military important figure for the purpose of weakening of other countries.
In recent years, the persecution against civilians. For the purpose of tormenting the officals of hostile country, making society on unrest, putting pressure to the State administration and so on. of course, this violate the basic humanitarian norms, and if it is open, the consequences is serious, serious Influence the country's reputation. it is actually a manifestation of the uncontrol spy wars (the first task of spy work is to keep secret.keeping secret work include making the means of persecution,the purpose of persecution cast heavy fog, deceiving the victims, making them making a mistake and thinking the operate person is a person around him, or the national government, etc.)
how do the spy agencies accomplish this task of persecuting civilians in hostile country?
for perfectly completing the task of persecuting civilians,there are usually at least three mans for 24-hour operating the monitoring equipment, coupled with the external persons, needing at least a nine-member team to one person
They are also equipped with the perfect implement, in addition to the electronic Mind control weapons, they also use human life detectors,directed energy weapons.
Human life detectors. directed-energy weapons
…… Human life detectors (also called human radar) for the purpose of providing accurate tracking of the human body informations to the electronic Mind control weapons and directed energy weapons.
It is through the detection of ultra-low frequency waves which issued by human tissues organs to remote human tracking, and people display on the screen as a red-humanoid activities.
For example, each person's heart beating will produce a signal, the faint ultra-low-frequency signals which come into by the heart beat can be tested even against concrete and steel barriers.according to information introduction, during the US-Soviet arms race in the 20th century, the Soviet Navy was in the ascendant, nuclear submarines often dive for two to three months at the the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea. the United States Navy difficultly determine the position of submarine, it takes a threat to the United States Navy. For the purpose of determining the submarine’s position of Soviet, he United States Navy invented the human life detectors, the military level detector can detect the human body at the outside of 10 nautical miles , this invention makes the U.S. military's protect capacity has been greatly increased. The accuracy that the human life detectors determine the human organs which segregated by the wall in a Persecution can come to level of millimeters, the directed energy weapons can only rely on it or cant be usefull.
…… Directed energy weapons uses for the human electronic Mind control and electronic persecution
it is portable ultrasound and electromagnetic wave directed-energy transmitter which uses for persecuting us.
Ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves directed-energy all have colorless, silent ,invisible ,power Stepless, easily penetrate buildings, and other features, technology is not complicated, only because contrary to the basic humanitarian , it has not yet been used on a formal military occasions. it is different situation in spying field, it become a ideal tool when they implement persecution mandate. the use of it begin at the early 1960s , after decades of the continuous development, Using directed-energy to conduct human harassment, persecution ,assassination, has risen a specialized art, countless victims, but so far the world public reports about this almost zero! ! ! ……
Ultrasonic wave have a heavy direction when transmit, have a better direction. through Ultrasonic wave,they can transmit strong energy, energy easily concentrated, the ultrasonic energy is much larger than normally energy. The ultrasonic energy of 1 million Hz frequency is much larger than the same rate of 1000 Hz frequency‘s listen energy to the 1 million times. Industrial ultrasonic wave uses for cutting, drilling, grinding and welding. medicine ultrasonic wave uses for breaking the stone of the inner body. The people who produce the persecution can make the viscus burst when they enlarge the power, not only simply let us feel the pain.
Ultrasonic directed energy easily penetrate buildings with the large power, and then synthesized into arbitrary frequency sound waves,infrasound. Usefulness is wonderful.
the Ultrasonic synthesize into arbitrary frequency sound waves
Simply say, using issuing two different frequency ultrasonic waves make the change of cross in the air, then come into a sound wave that human ear can hear, such voices can only be heard at the place of ultrasonic having aimed, originally intended for civilian use, replace the presently bugle sound., but as known,it was distortion voice ,reduction hifi, so it has not entered the civilian market. Spy commonly used to transmit sound to the sitting room.we are in room, but voices of unknown origin are exist at the ear,and only you can hear, once the location is not accurate enough,directed energy beam hit the ear, the listener will feel very pain .This
technology, the sound source can be judged as external sound, which is different from using electromagnetic waves directly wirte the sound signals into the brain, in combination with professional spy surrounded tracking technology, wherever you go this voice will go with you, people that not know this technology will consider himself encountered a ghost. This is the Washington Post recently documented: the technological principles of many people trapped in the "electronic concentration camps" and "transfer of the sound to sitting room" weapons lifelong torment in USA.
ultrasonic Synthesize arbitrary frequency infrasound
the infrasound that is similar to natural frequency of human organs will resonate with human organs, leading to organ deformation, displacement, or even rupture.
According to information,the infrasound weapons can be divided into two categories:
the frequency of"Nerves" infrasound is similar to rhythm of the human brain alpha (8-12 Hz) are very similar, in effect, will cause the body resonance and stimulate the brain, have a certain impact on the psychology and awareness: the listener feels unwell, attention decline, dizziness, nausea, fear, even let people mental disorder, crazy, shock, loss of thinking ability .
"Organ" infrasound. When the infrasound frequency is similar to human internal organs frequency (4-18Hz),it will cause people viscus on a strong resonance.common people feel nausea, muscle cramps, body trembling, difficulty in breathing;the more weaker people will vascular rupture, visceral injury and even die quickly.
ultrasonic Synthesize into a lower frequency can be used to convey a powerful acoustic pressure. it can be like an invisible hand from outside enter the room,open the door,enter into closed vessels, Stirred stomach gastro-intestinal, etc.. ....

Directed-energy of electromagnetic waves
wave in accordance with the length, the electromagnetic wave can be divided into: radio waves, microwave,ray, radial etc. the mainly aimed to us are radio wave and microwave
Directed energy of electromagnetic waves can be used to control the Mind
They control our brain waves through the electromagnetic wave directed energy beam irradiate the head. Compared to the launch tower, chip implantation control, it does not stay any evidence,power focuse,control affect better,don’t disturb other people, the confidentiality good for secret tracking, using professionals electromagnetic detection equipment can easily find these abnormal signals in the high-power electric waves, this Directed energy control could only be used against individual civilians.
Electromagnetic waves can be used for physiological torture persecution,
Research shows that long-term low-intensity electromagnetic radiation to the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, blood system, the reproductive system and genetic, visual systems, as well as causing organism immune function and so on, then cause complex nature of the damage. When damage has accumulated to a certain level, there will let human headache, dizziness, insomnia and more dreams, irritability excited, anorexia, blood pressure disorders, leukopenia symptoms,etc. if a long-term electromagnetic radiation, will trigger birth deformities and cancer. They use special high-power electromagnetic directed-energy against us. long-term exposure to us, the hazard is self-evident. 。
AT The present technical level, all functions can be integrated into two small boxes, One is a comprehensive human signal detection, ultrasound and special directional electromagnetic waves launch bag, the other is a dedicated laptop bag, the surveillance man are immersed in the read brain implement, Stealth camera detector, listening devices, Computer monitors radiation Signal pilfered,and the news from the victims information.they can know the victim's every move and think, the surveillance man like a player who immersed in a computer game, using the directed-energy weapons control victims.

All above items are closely copulate. we collectively call the electronic Mind control weapons. after equipped with all of above perfect weapons system, the spy can do any they want to do. Without leaving evidence of persecution to an ordinary person. They have invested huge sums of money,so they surely want to see the good result , the victims liked be locked in a stealth e-secret prisons,suffered daily electronic torture, no peace. From the victim's experience, the methods of using electronic Mind control weapons tp persecute is great variety, there are strange. it is estimated they only spent several layers of skill, so certainly there are even more unexpected victims of the ability that people have not some experience, If you write a detailed book,it will be as thick as an encyclopedia. Subject to limitations of space, I just extract some of the most common practices of persecution as following:
Suject to the difference of Shooting ways, location of shooting symptoms
electromagnetic waves genus
Live program the thinking......passed the psychological activities of the victims to the all around people
Manufacturing dreams......manufacture all night nightmare,let the victims can not have a good rest
Constantly transmit the harassed voice to the brain
Control emotions..including happiness, anger, sadness, obnoxious,fear, shame, regret, jealousy, love, compassion, etc. such as forcing victims to be in a day of bad emotional state, and guide the victims to commit suicide
heat in summer, freeze in winter
Ultrasonic genus
Irradiation heart ..secret anguish. Difficulty breathing. Myocardial infarction deaths
Irradiation Brain .. brain blood pressure increased. Cause the brain overflow with blood and die
Irradiation eye.. blurred vision. Tears.
Irradiation gum..teeth loose, toothache
Irradiation Neck.. Difficulty breathing, dysphagia
Irradiation respiratory tract..respiratory tract damage, inflammation
Irradiation stomach.. secretion of much gastric juice,gastric ulcer ,gastric perforation
Irradiation abdomen.. pain. Incontinence or constipation.

Suject to the power of directed-energy radiation, personal feeling is different, small power only let victims feel uncomfortable, pain.increasing the power let victims live like between the hell and earth. More increasing the power can let the victims die directly.all the ways are usually used in conjunction with each other, and in strict accordance with the no-stay any evidence of practices for implementation, for example, they can immediately let any person directly out of control crazy ,suicide, but they do not to do that, they will use several years or even longer, Let the victims crazy, suicide, out of control. people will not only aim suspicious, misleading others to think it was due to their physiological and psychological diseases
Application prospects .................
Here only expose one part of the electronic Mind control weapons, they still have some alarming brain control plan, because of insufficient evidence, not write in this list.
This technology with unlimited potential almost let all the human society be redefined, as other scientific and technological inventions, we are facing a bright future and a dark future.
One is bright
full disclosure of Electronic Mind Control Technology , promote the development of human society, people can greatly shorten the learning period. let deaf man hear,blind man see, dumb man speak, it can directly used for design the film by the brain .we can orgarnize the human brain Internet ,we can copy our own brain content to a computer and let our thought eternal. the ordinary people can use interference implement to protect their personal privacy. for fear of reading brain, the potential criminals reduce the crime, regular using lie detector to test government officials, then we can enter an open and transparent political era etc. ......
one is dark
The electronic Mind Control weapons always grasp in the hands of a few people.for the interests of a small group, they offen control other man. will be trying to use Super country will use the electronic Mind Control weapons to control the world, through establish worldwide brain power transmission tower, use Internet, satellite to transmit and control signal, remote control the people who are out of a thousand miles, so that others are became the Mindual slaves of them. the CIA who want to control the world is using heavily investion and attempt to control certain nation’s people, controling them against their own government, creating social chaos.

Now it is still have time to let the direction to the bright prospects. as long as we have this technology widely publicized, well known, break the technological blockade by a small number of people as soon as possible, we can reverse the current adverse situation.

World's first, victims of The electronic Mind control weapons Prosecute for Harm person's
---China's Netizens Prosecute for Bush-administration
Don't you think the TV is 'the electronic mind control weapon'?

Propaganda can imbue quite well. Look at at the people that hated middle eastern people after the alleged terrorist attack on the WTC buildings. I heard stories of people shooting middle easterns that worked in convenient stores.