Battle of Convinced Assumption


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May 30, 2007
What I am suggesting is mind-boggling to some but as they say, "truth is scarier than fiction".

Below I have provided some key points that may help substantiate some of my claims. In my writing I tried to use my own words to explain my experience. As you are reading this, and my previous writings which you most likely disregarded as the product of illness, eliminate any prejudice that you may have. It took four hours to find any relevant information on this particular topic. Two hours into my research one of the summaries to one of the links within the search results said, "You have to keep digging". The internet is like a gold mine, enlightenment and justice for the mind does not come easy. To be able to strike gold, or discover truth one must have the will power to withstand tedious research, which weakens ones state of consciousness. Believe it or not, during these times people are highly susceptible to be subjected by psychological weaponry aimed at getting inside of the brain, and/or damaging memory and/or cognitive ability. Basically I am referring to illicit experimentation that is used to assist studies and research in addition to organizations which try to debilitate curious citizens. Frequently, when one finds proof on the internet of something controversial, something not revealed in mainstream media, the web site will vanish soon after it is discovered, increasing distress to the formerly contented individual. Two hours after I received the message stated above, I finally discovered a website with both relevancy and credibility. The small increments of information I provided below are outdated, and technology has advanced monumentally. As a result of the governments adamancy to cover up security capabilities, despite ones need to be security conscious, updated information on this is extremely elusive. I could not find the same sight I had previously found, which went more in depth and seemed to have more credibility; however, using some of the key words I gained from previous research, I was able to pull up some information which seemed to say some of the same things. Just to reiterate, secretive information is extremely difficult to find on the Internet, especially for victims of mind control who have a heightened eagerness to validate their suspicions. Mind control victims are usually targeted individuals accused of dissenting from the majority. The externals of these individuals are exclusively controlled, creating an artificial reality for the victim that often leads to mental illness. As many realize, much of the internet is propaganda and disinformation. Even trusted news sights are extremely limited, and still partially propaganda. Search results are often flooded with one sided views, or ridiculous disinformation and subliminal messages diffused by artificial intelligence aimed at brainwashing and inciting paranoia in independent researchers. The reason no ones knows about this is because the government actively covers up proof in fear of the reaction of the public. Many fear that if our government is exposed, the entire population may be driven to cynicism, and an all out, catastrophic civil war or devolution will supervene. Nevertheless, truth is a remedy, and there are means, explained in my former blogs, which can prevent the masses from pursuing a hostile and implacable rebellion. Therefore, the ominous oligarchy in charge of the New World Order must be exposed once and for all and not merely in BLOGS, discredited threads and elusive websites, but on the television, in the newspapers, and everywhere.

"NSA DOMINT has the ability to assassinate US citizens covertly or run covert psychological control operations to cause subjects to be diagnosed with ill mental health."

"The NSA obtains blanket coverage of information in the US by using advanced computers that use artificial intelligence to screen all communications, regardless of medium, for key words that should be brought to the attention of NSA agents/cryptologists."

"Without any contact with the subject, Remote Neural Monitoring can map out electrical activity from the visual cortex of a subject's brain and show images from the subject's brain on a video monitor. NSA operatives see what the surveillance subject's eyes are seeing."

"NSA's RNM equipment remotely reads the evoked potentials (EEGs) of the human brain for tracking individuals, and can send messages through the nervous systems to affect their performance."

The rest of the story is located at

-The Egalitarian Aristocracy of Kingsville- #21

Zachary Scott McBride
Politics, politics, and politics... the more I read, the more frustrated I get that I am not the leader of our nation. Bush is a great leader, but his foundation needs to be a rock, meaning, he can't let the pressure of realist mentalities manipulate him. Now, he speaks competitively, when in the beginning, he spoke of modesty. I am America's leader, but my country won't accept me because they fear peace. We all inwardly strive for cooperation and Love in regards to domestic and foreign policies... obstinate mentalities, fear, and mistrust obstruct this. We are one, not a bunch of nations divided by lines drawn in earlier ages. Why does no one understand this? The power of the dollar is our only enemy. Some say, if there is man, there is war… THIS IS WRONG… Competition does not have to result in war, and currently, if it does, it will be disastrous for us all… and if America continues this expansive, rather unilateral policy, it will devolve. Clearly, most of us realize, if we don’t let others play a part in world politics, it will, and already is disastrous. We must break the pseudo-line, communication, political, economic and cultural barriers that are divisive to world peace by promulgating explicitly our intentions, which must change to satisfy and compromise with the world around us. We must get the intentions of other nations out in the open as well so citizens have a better understanding of what each nation wants, and how to create the best possible system that will leave the least dissatisfied. The problem is, our current mentality is regressive, so this would not work, as I have explained. Communism, capitalism and socialism all have pros; we need to take beneficial aspects of each, and wield a political system that satisfies all. Pay for incompetent and a $15 dollar/hr minimum wage are some changes that need to be made. If the small business can not survive with this, Government will contribute to meet their subsistence. Equal health benefits for all people. No one should be rejected because they can’t afford to get medical attention. Why everyone isn’t supported this is beyond me. Even the supposed elite should advocate these things, if in fact, they are elite. Considering I am so certain of the existence of a fifth element assists my dedication to remedy the ignored vices in our world. A better society will yield better judgment. I am not saying we should make petty changes to prevent Revolution; I am demanding major progressions, at odds with Machiavellian philosophy. We need a leader not a ruler. The only changes that should be gradual are the ones which will dissatisfy a particular class of people. Is Marx right when he says “in order to be able to oppress a class it is at least necessary to guarantee to it the condition for continuing its slavish existence”.
Since people throw out predictions, I will throw out one not as logical, but equally as plausible. Here it goes. I believe that we will not fall as a hedgemonic power, rather, in our life time, global unity and cooperation will reach its summit, leading us to heaven on earth. There will be no one specific superpower, for we will be led to an unprecedented equality of nations that eventually will relieve us from the borders that divide us. This I truly and sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, believe.
My hand in this auspicious fortune, I do not know exactly. I do know I have willingly subjugated myself to God, thus further enabling us to change the world together, depending on my ability to give Him full reign. I can't let my ideas mix with perfection. Sooner or later our wills will coalesce, for we are one. This is not a simple task, so support is encouraged.
Don't let me confuse you. I don't want you to follow me. Remember when Jesus told us "you are Gods". What I desire is that we all cooperatively search for perfection within us, and once found, we apply the will that we found with our individual keys to begin our path towards heaven on earth, Peace, and the Cure. Don't just disregard this, join me in the Revolution, a 21st century Brotherhood.
Ahmadinejad is family to me. I don't agree with him on some issues, and would like to talk with him in order to get a sense of where he stands, and to shed some light on the truth of divine morality, not that he is less spiritually inclined that I am, merely so we can be on the same page, and work together towards a more cooperative policy that will best suit our needs.
An offer you can't refuse.

I will send you one dollar if you agree never to post on this forum again. Please, please accept the money.
I will send you one dollar if you agree never to post on this forum again. Please, please accept the money.

If you dont like what he posts dont reply it is as simple as that. Often times his threads draw considerable conversation. So if you can't say anything nice....well you know the rest.
Irishone please read and understand. I don't mind you posting, you really don't bother me, but if you have addendum to posts, USE THE EDIT BUTTON FOR GODS SAKE...PLEASE... otherwise I tend to overlook it and pay you no mind, it just looks to be clutter.
People spend most of their time telling me what I need to do, causing them to disregard the content of my work. I understand though...
Another thing you guys must understand is "they" constantly edit my word... whether by a devise, or by their hacker abilities, I do not know... But they are currently questioning the morality of their actions, and I hope they realize that I am not the enemy.