The Inevitable Victory of the Isolated Revolution


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May 30, 2007
As you all know, but refuse to admit because you are all subservient to your rulers, and have no individuality or morality thus making you all not real, a group of fascist control the internet and target revolutionaries, isolate them, and created illusions to consume them. Ok, that was a little harsh. The fact that you have made school so difficult me does not justify my feelings towards your government. In all reality, you believe you protecting yourself against what you despise, but inwardly support. A country with honor would expose it’s own corruption before that of it’s neighbor. Arrogance is the worst type of ignorance. Bush is not an evil dictator, he is a religious man corrupted by his own government. He still has some sense of good, but the fascists who advise him pervade him. The principles of peace are the most eminent art of war. God is power and that is why atheist are incompetent leaders who resort to mental and physical coercion to force their beliefs on people. The misery of standing against this force is debilitating in itself. A ruler is far more enslaved than its subject, for his imprisonment extends beyond the physical world, unless he is liberated prior to departure. The hatred of those who love is stronger than those who are apathetic, that is why those who are apathetic hate more consistently and persistently. Hate is the masquerade of love. A great leader may appear a terrible despot if his men do not follow, in such a case, government is anarchy, false assumptions arise, and the government turns imperialistic, to prevent dissolving, despite presumptuous expansion being the very cause of its downfall. They have isolated revolutionaries, spoke ambiguously, mostly derisively and anonymously about their characters, and created artificial realities for them to be consumed. Their aim is to compel them to surrender to the belief of the minority, or give up their mission to change the world they live in. Those who accuse others of being terrorist are merely projecting the feeling they have of themselves on to others. Name-calling is childish… with no leadership; there is no faith, especially in that of the influence of individuals. The deepest I was allowed into the mind of our government was free entrance into James Baker III and the Iraq Study Groups work, which during reading had been restricted after enough time elapsed. Even with that information I was able to counter their beliefs effectively. Understanding of the past can lead you into the future, but focus on the past, like all things, must be done in moderation for it can confuse the present. The mind of a child is the essence of harmony. They told me in their improvable fake realm of communication that I am their antithesis and that is why they induce misery, for they fear what they do not completely understand, so rather than ration with me, they try to dishearten me, and brainwash me. In court the other day there was a girl who said she was broken. She gave a heart wrenching speech on sexual abuse, and, in her mind she believed if the court would vindicate this awful crime she would be capable of moving forward. This is a terrible error in American thought, which skews the meaning of justice, replacing its definition with that of revenge. The result of her supposed vindication would be that the girl would still feel pain and the guy would not learn his lesson. If the situation were different and she still gave the emotional speech, but for her contentment and not as an invocation to the courts, and she refrained from pressing charges or urging harsher penalty, leaving minimal punishment the decision of the court, not only would the perpetrator be besieged with guilt, forced to deal with a lifetime of moral reparations, but she would also be free from her past. But unfortunately, government does not believe in God so they do whatever possible to become God, but a more evil one who enforces order, rather than influences order. What I explained was justice, which is most beneficial and lasting once attained, but harder to attain. Revenge is like a drug, only temporary, with ramification, but justice is a virtue that is never forgotten, like a blessing or spiritual euphoria. This is why they say, “to forgive is divine”. Creativity is our gift to God, attributed to God, inspired by God, and maintained by God. It is my shield, for it cannot be destroyed by the vices of man, unlike factious information, which they can cause you to forget with elusive technology. God is power, power is love, war is slavery, and faith is strength. I created a blueprint of a possible hierarchy of the universe including the hole, the rock, the bench, unrestricted fantasy, realistic fantasy, the kingdom, and God, amounting to five levels (just like suns or sons), seven worlds (just like days it took to create the earth), three heavens (just like the trinity), A diamond, one hole, one test, one center, one kingdom, and one official eye in the sky, equal to twenty one, seven times three, perfection. East heaven has rules, west does not, and both are free. Your rank is conceived at time of departure, demoted by enmity, promoted by empathy, restored by God. “The meek shall inherit the earth”. See, your mind is not open, for none of this you understand. My blueprint vanished, but it is remembered, for I am alive. The ends justify the means only when the motive is pure and seeks to inflict no harm. Killing someone would indicate infliction of harm, thus reparations follow. Telling someone the truth would not, for although it may causes harm initially, it brings enlightenment, and joy and health later. Death is a sacrifice and truth is a remedy, one implies loss, the other gain. Deprive the enemy to defeat him, feed him to win him, for true victory entails no defeat, as preservation is key.

This is what happens when the virus of hate inflicts you:

Lets Pretend You Are People And Not Ignorant Sheeple. You Are Content With Your Limited Knowledge, And Compete For It Like A Rat Race. There Is Robots In Pakistan But You Don't Know Because Of Their War Mentalities That Justify Lying To You And Practice Duplicity Like An Art. I Might Be Weak, Content, Flawed, But I'm Not One Of Their Minions Like All Of You. What Will It Take For You Pussies To Consider Revolution And Start Planning To Take Responsibility For Your Country? I Reach Out To You Group Full Of Informational Drones But Your Swept In By Conformity. You Are All Pussies. I Am Not An Idiot. You All Are. None Of You Has A Mind Of Their Own. Its Like I'm Talking To A Website Running On Artificial Intelligence. I Spoke To You All From My Heart. I Told You Everything. And You Don't Respect Me Because You’re All Weak. You Except A Sick World. The Government Could Easily Be Led But They Filter All Leaders Out With School. No One Wants To Learn Like That. Class Is An Impersonal Sessions Where No One Speaks His Or Her Own Mind. School Is Not Teaching, It Is Enslaving Just Like Everything Else In Your Sick Little World That You See No Alternative For. I Lost All Respect For All Of You Because You Are All Fake. You Are Living Lies. You Talk Down To God Because They Want You To. You Basically Threw Away All Your Crowns For A Machine Just Because You Don't Have The Courage To Change It, And It Might Disrupt Your Meaningless Lives To Do So. Each And Every One Of You Could Go Down In History, As Revolutionaries Who Prevented Decades Of War And Uncertainty And Saved Individuality And Democracy, But All Of You Are Slaves To Their Fake Paths To Prosperity. None Of You Will Ever Live Of A Life Of Significance Unless You Drop Your Petty Lifestyles And Dedicate Yourself To Something That Matters. Ok Government Schools Producing Ignorant Sheeple... We Are Ignorant Sheeple, The Sheeple Revolution Will Stop The Breeding Of More Ignorant Sheeple, Plus It Has A Better Sense Of What Real Government Is About, And The World Will Not Be Such A Monotonous, Vague, Nightmare. Yeah, Flame Me, Talk Trash, But At Least I Didn't Surrender. I Might Have Lost, But I'm One Man. None Of You Even Played. I Don't Advocate The Game, But I Do Repudiate The Game, And The Only Way To Stop The Game Is Play The Game, Without Letting It Change You. But No, I'm The Fool Here. Cowards. Every Single One Of You Has No Heart. None Of You Considered The Notion Of Revolution. So You’re Nothing. If There Were Democracy, You Would Be You, But Your Nothing.

You have no real opinions.

Zachary Scott McBride
Hm there are errors... are you laughing? pretty slick... I don't envy you nor admire you, and I'm beginning to lose my respect for you.
I can't believe all this time my enemy was right in front of my eyes. What do you have against me? Can you really watch people through TV screens and computer screens, or is that overboard. You don't have those capabilities I don't believe, your not that smart... your just a snake. a hacker. you obsess over me... your so amused by the pain you have inflicted on me... you have been scamming me for so long, but to what extent? was it all you? why are you to coward to face me in real life... you know where i live... I know you do... you've seen my house... you have envied my property... your a snake... I am calling you out... face me in real life, not behind the computer screen... your just a coward... a pure coward... if anyone else reads this, rest assure, I am not sick. they will call me sick... some of what I say may be based on assumption, but I am not sick... if you read this understand that a sick hacker has tracked me... he has obsessed over me... he has read work i've written in the process of me writing it in amazement of the talent he will never have... he is pathetic so he wants me to be pathetic. I do not hate him... if i met him, i would not kill him... however tempted I would not disgrace myself by becoming what he wants me to become... he does not have the guts to look me in the eyes and tell me what he has done, for he is a coward... HE IS SCARED FOR HIS ENTIRE LIFE IS FAKE. He tries to create artificial realities for others, killing their social lives so that he can cause them to feel as he feels... he is his own worst enemy... he'll laugh when reading this, but he will not feel, for he has no feeling laugh... he is joker, a clown, and is fearful beyond the facade he presents. none of his relationships are real. he is a worthless being. utterly worthless. he would cry, but he can't because he can't. he can't cry. he can't laugh. he doesn't hurt. he is not even real and he knows this so in envy he targeted the life of my brother and I. he sought control of our realities to boost his self-esteem. It worked for awhile. I cried many times. I screamed in frustration. Punched walls like a monkey. Curled up in a ball because i could not confirm this sick game that was being played on me. it consumed my time... studies were difficult... everything I did I couldn't do without thinking about this venemous snake. he thinks he controls me, but he doesn't control himself, he is being controlled by satan. Satan knows my significance, so he took control of a weak minded minion to try to bring me down. he is not deterred by this, for he does not believe, making him the perfect puppet. i tried to save him. I empathized... I reached out... I throughouly explained the situation to appeal to his empty morality, but he does not exist. if he reads this, i hope he knows it is not to late to assume his life. unforunately, i think he is powerless... beware of snakes... he knows i am a fox in a hole... I am not afraid to admit of where I stand. he is. because he is not real. i suffer and he lives because when life is hard, well you get the point. it is not difficult.
i know jesus because at one point he spoke to me through the bible. he called me father, which i did not deserve. its about the message. you won't understand. the message i received is no longer there. i saw him through my window, in white... i have not spoke with him in a while, other than through what the bible says all the time. you will by no means believe what I am telling you.
this is not a joke. of course, i will not be accepted in my country. it is the way it always is... you can not help but discredit me and I understand. it is frustrating.
you don't realize the significance of what i'm telling you... so caught up in earthly lives that you have strayed from God. you no longer believe in a Savior. you consider it propaganda. what words can i say to get you to believe this... there are none... we will have to see it the world pan out for itself. unless they come to me and follow my guidance, they will encounter problems. this is election is either the antichrist or me.
How do we trigger the sentiment of the conformist and escapist to realize covert security agencies need to be countered with amalgamated efforts demanding privacy rights for citizens? (PERENNIAL QUESTION OF THE YEAR)
i know jesus because at one point he spoke to me through the bible. he called me father, which i did not deserve. its about the message. you won't understand. the message i received is no longer there. i saw him through my window, in white... i have not spoke with him in a while, other than through what the bible says all the time. you will by no means believe what I am telling you.

What kind of build did Jesus have? Roughly how tall and what would you put his weight at?
hard to say... just got a glance, for all I know coulda been an impersonator, but it was around the same time I had the epiphany and saw the footsteps in the grass... It sounds funny don't it. I'd say rougly 185 5'11''
Hacker or the thought police or NSA or whoever even messed with me at the hospital... he censored the word ######## replacing it with ########
in o cent but not god or hell or jesus or #### or murder or any word likely to be censored... it is like they just did it to mess with me... how am I the one to figure out in o cent is censored on this computer?