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May 30, 2007
You don't have to read this... but if you have anythign to say about security, surveillance, an open society, privacy, reformation, ect... don't by shy.

Let the righteous be righteous, and let the children play.

Conservatism makes it harder to recognize God’s lessons. When man reprimands man it feels and usually is revenge, and the victim feels violated, and thus becomes resentful. When God reprimands man, the punishment or imposed ramifications some call karma is always justice, and one usually appreciates the guidance, after the initial anger subsides and the tears begin, which is called repent, especially once one comes too terms with the revelation that when God chastises us, it is a sign of His Love for us, as it is better to be reproached than ignored by our Almighty Father. The more elusively man reprimands man (i.e. the cloak and dagger tactics of bigbrother) the more difficult it is to decipher between the work of God and that of man. In addition, if society is governed too conservatively, people tend to live in fear of the law, as oppose to living in respect for the law. People, may, in effect, become apathetic or rebellious, as if they have abandoned or accelerated their fight for rights, and the value of society may deplete. Conservatives need to realize conservatism is a stepping stop towards liberalism. Once society loses control, their liberties, however, will subsequently be constrained, but the aim, for government, is to communicate with the people, seeking to grant them the trust they deserve, providing incentives and goals that will make law more lenient as society progresses. Keep in mind though, if law has gotten too complex or unjust, it must be simplified for the people have already lost sight of their values, or have become too pressured to be able to have the strength to apply virtues to everyday life, even if that is the desire of the individual. This cannot be done effectively without explaining intentions beforehand. All actions of the government, especially those involving legislation must be explicitly explained to the people. Now, law is so complex, people lost interest, creating a shockingly appalling dichotomy, which is why simplification of the law is a must. In fact, laws, and issues involving never ending debates should not merely be the responsibility of elected officials, but the responsibility of a properly informed public, no matter the population, as only vote can determine the real opinions of the people. There is a problem with each individuals capability to comprehend divinity, but in regards to war, those against it, must be giving equal if not, more power, attention, and leadership, than those for it, even if they are minority. Rarely do circumstances call for war, but when they do, we must make decisions cautiously, empathetically and decisively, assuring the rival we are not against them, we are merely defending the innocence. We must adamantly work towards amending hostilities and implementing the power of love to overcome evil and save, not defeat, the inflicted rival. We must respect all opinions equally, and always do whatever is in our power to help those in need, without imposing on anyone’s life uninvited. I will explain this further later. When more laws must be imposed, the society is in its earlier stages, regardless of the cycle. It is always better to achieve order by expressing value than imposing law, and this should be the goal of all government officials. Increased pressure caused by war, tends to initiate a policy that partakes in deception, becoming a product of fear. In such an occasion, assumption inflicts decision makers, to who may accuse others or as a result act prematurely, prior to achieving unity either with society or each other. Misinterpretation, over emphasis, and deceiving mechanization of past history and philosophy which invents an illusionary art of war; is the primary cause of flawed actions, without negating the importance of philosophy and past in guiding present. Often, whomever advocates primitive, yet magnificent documents such as the “Art of War,” or “The Prince” will do all that is in their power to subjugate the opposition, isolating them, draining their resources, attacking their beliefs, and weakening the subjects faith, until the subject feels despondent, and surrenders into humiliation. This is not a victory. It usually is only a postponement. In such a case further conflict can only be prevented by those who take blame for the flawed action of their past leaders, seeking clemency to abate any remaining grudge and attain reconciliation or peace, which is the only thing worthy of being called victory in war, or by merely recreating a reputation and separating oneself from past conflict. War is not a game, so it should not be treated as such. In war one must know himself, his enemy, and most of all God. Knowing and following God is most important, for in such a case; one can all together avoid war, as he will be gifted with the leadership skills and identity that demands respect, and thus achieves security. When a government is divided, and reluctant to compromise, political polarization may occur, and both sides may lose sight of their values, slipping into irrationality caused by the abuse of rationality, or causing those involved to contribute to extreme policies, corruption, mirror images, unnecessary condemnations or assumptions and judgments, all of which are regressive and blinding to the prudence of the pervaded organization. It is then the obligation of the remaining enlightened ones, often outsiders, to reunite the people and/or awaken the government to do so in order to restore value, and reform the government. This is called Revolution. Although I frequently propagate this, and reiterate the same truths, which people, unfortunately, have yet to react to accordingly. I am not a lobbyist; I just fear we have surpassed the point where in which we must take it upon ourselves to redirect the government we desire to consent to. However, even though I talk about Revolution, I do not stand against the government, I merely awaken them to the possibility of dissent to cause them to consider their actions, compelling them to mitigate a disconcerted society by abiding by the morally upright mentality, obliged to voice its opinion.

Is this contrivance proverbial?
All judgments aside, I am very happy and optimistic about my future. I thank God almost everyday for the blessing that is my life. I don't rule out any advice, and realize some of the same things that I am being told. I feel like, if I ever wrote a book, it would be 10,000 pages (hyperbole?). Right now, I'm creating my philosophy by accepting criticism, emulating those I admire and thinking independently of others. Organization is the hardest part. I have to figure out a rational way to explain how I came up with all these loosely associated answers, and possibly even provide examples or even contradicting support. I hope I have enough time.

Dialectics and Rhetoric

When I get stabilized, have my own place, get organized; I believe I will be a lot more productive than I am now. It is difficult living here, but I’m going to need to struggle through it for now… it is hard to explain my situation, because it baffles even myself. I hope my life works out, as does that of my family, and we all find satisfaction prior to the completion of the test. I pray not only for the completion of the Revolution which is siblinghood, and equality of wealth and capabilities creating a trusting open society and government, love, peace on earth, and immortality of the mind, body and soul for all late and present life and accessibility to all material and past possessions, but also to be able, once I finish school successfully, as a major in philosophy and politics, to be able to weave together my writings, and turn both my philosophy and story into a true, organized, compelling narrative that helps millions, restores value, reforms inequity, and earns me the respect, love, independence and prosperity I felt I have always deserved.

Is this grandiose (illness?) or highly ambitious (gift?)?

My reading paid off brothers! Now, if only I could, I must return to my studies. I attribute God to any wisdom I have. I’m not that intelligent, and in actuality, do not know things some elementary scholars know, but I think I’m enlightened in regards to what I do know. I’m not sure if this knowledge is common or not. I’m still young and I realize my philosophy is incomplete, disorganized, and not yet expansive. In fact, I admit, I am a rather poor writer at this point. I’m like Pinocchio, but my dream is to be a real writer/political philosopher.

With all do respect to his enemies, George Bush is one of my heroes, although I don’t agree with him on everything. I also admire both Sadr and Admaninejad to which, I also must mention, I don’t agree with on everything. Rumsfeld also deems my respect. Not to mention other amiable figures all alive to me, such as Lincoln, Churchill, Plato, Carry, Nietzsche, Barrymore, Locke, Clarkson, Steiner, Mencia, Federline, Cash, Mack, Lenin, Shakur, Mullaney, Cobaine, Jefferson, King, Mourning, Gandhi and many others… As Camus suggested, admiring others is Heaven on Earth.

Innuendo. Incarnate. Incidental.

Conservatism, or in other words, coercing order, is a sin in itself, that occasionally is necessary, but must never be permanent. Sin is the cause of death, and once overcome by all, immortality is achieved. Without privacy it is more difficult to maintain control, for solitude is essential for the maintenance of composure. That is why at some point; people need to have more control over their privacy, without allowing helpful technology to go to waste. Some people ponder the mission of history, which is to overcome sin, and live amiss universal peace and contemplate shortening population, but this desolate solution will only prolong the time it takes to make this possible, if not destroy all chances by annihilated humanity in nuclear holocaust. We must rehabilitate sin. We must be honest. We should have government issued TV’s with absolutely no brainwash, containing only news from all around the world, categorized, and all governmental action for the public to view. Many other things must be done to simplify this unbearable situation. If insurance remains a tool of oppression, we must abrogate this, and allow government to provide some of the needs of humanity. We could even go one step further in simplifying this process, but I realize all of this must be gradual. Elections have also gotten ridiculous. First of all, we need a voting procedure we can trust. We also need to vote on issues, not just the candidates. Instead of complicating the process of elections, we can base the results solely on the number of votes each candidate, or issue receives, keeping in mind those issues like war, where ethics must play a role in the final results to prevent a tyrannical or empirical majority, as morality always comes before majority, especially in the deceptively victimized society we live in today. This only scratches the surface. I have included other solutions within my blog, to which, one day, I plan to compile into an organized Reformation, and petition of grievances, which will fix this world, where only the rich, the few, shun change.
Why do you want to control things? Don’t you realize how detrimental your actions are to the perseverance of your soul? I want to keep you safe, but you want to cause me misery? I want you to have heaven, but I can’t let you hurt the innocent, so what is the answer? I really do love you. What do you want? I don’t want to figure out an answer that will cause you harm. How can I give you heaven, without putting the innocent at risk, or putting you in a situation, where you, yourself are harmed? Maybe if you had your house, where you could be king of your domain, and would not necessarily be expulsed from Heaven, but as soon as you stray from purity, you would be ousted until repent and turn from evil. I don’t know. It is hard for me even fathom evil. I can understand jokes that both sides share in the after laugh, and people who succumb to temptation and even people who give up when they have lost hope and thus no longer try to overcome temptation, but I can’t understand someone who intentionally wants to destroy or cause others, undeserving individuals, harm, and feels no remorse, or has no desire to make up for his wrongdoings. I feel so bad for those who are evil, because I know their struggle. They don’t feel. They think they are free, but they are incapable of emotion. It is as if they are no longer alive. It just amazes me how they could have so many opportunities for salvation, but they still refuse to be saved, like redemption is some sort of prison, and they are the fugitive. Don’t get me wrong though. I realize honesty can strengthen, so some meanness is not necessarily condemnable so long as it is honest. Meanness and sinfulness do not perplex me, but evil is something beyond my comprehension. I’m trying to get myself to a point where I no longer feel vulnerable, so when I protect my belongings, in no way should you feel betrayed, for this is not an attack on you, or an implication of my lack of trust in you, personally. Why must you think like this? Just because I am saving my BLOGS to something you cannot attain or manipulate, you shouldn’t feel insulted. Why must you monitor my Internet so closely? Why must you make simple procedures so difficult and timely? Do you feel ignored, and your mannerisms are merely a means to get attention? Like when you changed the font of my work…were you expecting me to praise your abilities, or be impressed by a hacker? Since I did not keep my cool, and became angry with you, you became aware of my lack of virtue, and thus felt justified in your action, as if testing me was to my benefit? Have you been deprived of Love, so you resorted to hate to fuel you or merely amuse you? Do you feel as though, since you have no life, you must steal the energy from others? Do their anguish, exhaustion and frustration sustain you now? Have you become a temporary machine that shuns value for you didn’t agree with those who claimed value? Did rigid, and often misunderstood value cause you to avoid life altogether? Did propaganda repulse you? Do you find kindness more of a job than a lifestyle? Did their boundaries entice your sense of wonderment? If you don’t believe in value, imagine a world without it. Nothing would be real. I wish you didn’t perceive things so corruptly. I wish you realized that values would not alter your personality. I wish you realized values were in fact… Freedom. At one point, during my altered state of consciousness provoked by my condition I became a dichotomous combination of altruism and self-absorption. I felt as though the fate of the world directed by my thoughts. It may have been, in a sense. Still much of the outcomes we experience may be influenced by my peculiar mind, but only though negotiation and prayer with our Father. At one point, when I felt as though my brother had been condemned to eternity, I was willing to sacrifice the bliss seclusion of my paradise, for the sake of his soul. Only when I became older did I realize this was an ill constructed thought that was completely unnecessary. Rather than contemplate sacrifice, I began focusing primarily on our mercy, and the best possible solution to suit both our eternal happiness. Sometimes I think my innocence is destructive. Sometimes I feel as though my innocence may cause God to cease the punishment of sin. I don’t think this is so. I think reparations can be mediated, yet remain just as effective and recognizable. Whatever it takes to get the guilty to repent must be done, for without repentance, the chemicals pain and hate create can build up, and eventually, inevitably, these chemicals will corrupt character and obliterate conscience. I just want to let you know some things. I know some of my papers were edited to discredit me. I know people have gone out of their way to diminish the value of my work. I know people have resorted to extreme measures to subjugate me merely by attacking my mind, with whatever means of mind control and brainwash possible. I know you felt as though you caused me to do things. I know you have helped me, and enhanced my work on occasion. I know commercials and songs were played for my sake. I know you have revealed your mentality and felt as though you were doing me a favor in doing so. I know my thoughts and actions were/are watched/observed day and night. I know you love me. I know some of my ideas were stolen. I know some of my papers were taken away from me. I know you try to get me to believe false realities. I know you play tricks on me all the time. I know you spend endless hours on me. I know you have controlled my views. You know I know this, for people have responded, without the views changing. The incongruities are clear. I know you like to feel in control, but don’t realize you would feel better if things were different. I know you feel emotions through me. I know you’re just as worried about my lifestyle, as I am of yours. I know brother, I know. Things must change.

We must have proof to believe in God. <-- This is backwards (Initially I wrote, “it,” and word, or an actually person, picked up on the fact that it was alluding to God, and corrected it, by capitalized “it”)

We must believe in God, to be giving proof of God. Proof of God is Our reward for our faith. Yes, going to large extents to prove Jesus and/or God, as Kaz said, is rather superfluous and may, depending on the situation, be considered rather blasphemous, if in our attempts to prove him, we are denouncing him because the proof is not there, but many of us do it, and it is a common weakness for which we are all to blame.

I don't like this complicated oppressed world we live in. I could reform it, but it will take time, and no one is willing to be saved from this terrible alienation.
Good eventually overcomes evil, leading to Heaven on Earth. Peace entails only winners, equality of wealth, resource and power. My vision may be a long way off, but it shouldn’t be considered impossibility. And saying what I suggest is bolstering flower power completely undermines the values of the Kingdom. “The end of government is justice.” The Federalist were alluding to “ends” when they said this, and did not, at least to my knowledge, imply government would one day not be necessary, but despite their governmental advocacy implications or misconceptions of justice, it rings true in another sense, for once government becomes solely a system of leadership, we will live in a world of justice. We must progress, or revolve (not devolve) overcoming restraints until we reach the point where society is capable, advanced, or established enough that security does not require coercion. Conservatism is sometimes necessary, and to move from today’s society, to a completely liberal one would be imprudent, but progression is a must if we desire to keep our world. We need to realize subtle ethical misconceptions today. For example, we are prone to outlaw cigarettes, weed, abortion, ect. If society had value, stores wouldn’t sell cigarettes, or doctors would refuse to do abortions, ect. If this were to happen, it wouldn’t be an imposition, it would be a choice, which is more respectable. The fact of the matter is, in my unwritten book of statutory law it is illicit to confiscate, much less punish those growing, or possessing what, in many cases, is a remedy. It is also unlawful to monitor someone’s Internet access, steal ideas, or read emails without permission, but it happens. In the case of the Internet, do I want controls? Yes, of course I do, but not controls that constrain, controls that liberate, such as advanced search options, or enhanced security for people. Even private property is unlawful. I’m not saying people’s homes, or farmlands should not be protected, but in regards to woods, and other unnecessary claims to land, it is laughable. Luckily, there is usually a certain level of respect in regards to public areas made private, but it seems as though boundaries are only narrowing our freedoms. So much of our society is “unlawful,” that I could go on forever. Judges, schools, ect. The point is, we must gradually digress from conservatism, providing incentives, communicating reciprocally, sincerely, and emotionally with society, working adamantly to get people to at least acknowledge that the cost of sin is death. But for this to happen, we must define and inculcate both sin and value. As far as I know, rigid Christians (neo-cons?) are just as sinful as atheist anarchist in many ways. They may not act as bad, but they judge more often, so it equals out. Plus, it’s a challenge to be spiritually mature and not bitter, just as it is a challenge to live in a fascist world, and not rebel. Regardless, I believe in a simpler, less oppressing world, where money is not valued as if it is the elixir of life. Once we have equality of wealth, meaning all have more than enough to survive, (whether it has to be initially giving to them or not is for further discussion) we will go through a period of respite that may liven the moods of the extremely rich and the poor, which will encourage solidarity. And as for alienation, well, we could legalize marijuana and let commerce of this herbal remedy bring people together.

I would run your organization such much differently. You are not progressing. You’re consumed by your toys, and are in fear of progression because you don't want to lose the personal puppet land you feel as though you have. I understand. In reality... no I won't say it.

The government has been controlling the radio. They use it as a tool, just like the television, to keep us appeased. Adding to their weapons, they use the Internet, to keep us in ignorance. We are tricked as to what their character is. Democracy is what the leaders wanted in Iraq, but not those who have took control of our country. They wanted dictatorship. We are living with fascism that leaves no trace of blame. We should not be angry at the Middle East. In regards to the Middle East, we must use our strengths, our admirable values, to guide them, and give them leadership, but our strength in America will not suffice. We, the people, have been working the strategy backwards. We should be angry at the United States, for these ruthless rulers have guised the truth, leaving America paranoid, confused, and divisive. They have caused more misery then I know. Only by showing my weakness, my hate, can they realize what they have done to me. I can’t keep letting their deception slide. I have gone to extravagant attempts to save them, and they merely fed me lies to keep me consumed in their illusion, in their artificial reality that we are all victims of. These people are ****ing sick. They pretend to be on your side, but they only want you to conform to their sick mind, or just stop asking questions and submit to their sinister game plan to take over the world, killing innocence, shattering egos, and brainwashing minds in the process. Their plan will be our death for destruction does not go unpunished. They silenced rap music because they fear the reaction it might cause. They manipulate our world, condemn our flaws and that of the world, and are left blameless of the pain and distress they are causing all across America and the world. WE must, at all costs, stand up to this malice, this emptiness, this pervasiveness, and oust them immediately from power, for if we stand still for too long, we will lose this world, and regret being inert when the world needed us. I’m not a hateful person. I’m trying to hate because I know if we Love them, they won’t change nor will you understand, and they will stick with their sick mentality as if they are high and mighty. The top officials cause all of the flaws of society. Bush was a good leader, but he was stage-managed by his team of war-mongrels, who we are ignorantly supporting despite knowing very little of their character. I still, despite my hatred for these people, stand for Peaceful Revolution. We must unite and protest with discipline. We will bring our food. We will bring all necessities, and stand outside the White House prepared to die, not as martyrs, but as Patriots who refused to be subjugated by leaders who abandon value. We will not give up, but will remain standing, with God as our witness, returning once kicked out, and unceasingly demanding change. Acrimonious Aggregators earn respect

I feel compelled to post a thread on the biggest danger facing society today- Control of Technology. I know many of you read my long, drawn out rants, and usually lose interest. Although they are important, I feel as though posting them, on occasion, was in vain. Therefore, I have decided to forewarn my fellow brethren of the nightmare that has been on the rise without much resistance... the Thought Police. Although Orwell’s book was informative, I feel as though the fact that it is fiction, and not factually elaborate, thus distracting people from the reality of the world we live in, or this world within a world, causes people to stray from the importance of this issue, believing that it is not a true threat to American Freedom. Many of you may not realize, for you may not have opened your mind far past the boundaries of conformity (with all do respect, its ok, your safer this way) but once you do, you are literally targeted, and thrown into a mind-prison, at the mercy of a secretive security/surveillance organization which will watch and monitor your every move, assuring you do not get into, or think of anything that may risk their exposure. You begin to Love them, for they become your only company, despite ruining every aspect of your social life. They do all that is possible to make us feel crazy, and isolate us, or fragment us, thus causing us to lose hope and abdicate to their sinister tactics, or pretend we are in fact insane or delusional for the sake of their secrecy. If anyone can, research and find and updated book on this, I’d greatly appreciate it.
The Electronic Eye: The Rise of Surveillance Society - Google Books Result

by David Lyon - 1994 - Electronic surveillance - 270 pages

“... Big Brother to the Electronic Panopticon The Police State and the Prison ... is about a state that uses a huge bureaucratic apparatus, 'thought police’..."

This one is old and I haven’t really looked into it, but it looks legit. There also is a book called "others" that has been recommended, but when I searched for it, it was nowhere to be found. After all, my Internet experiences are always frustrating, intermittent connections making research, and basically the only means to socialization difficult for me.

I wouldn’t go so far to say that Google is self aware, but I would say it is a prominent tool for communication albeit seemingly one sided and without a doubt unfulfilling communication.

Don't ask for proof. These people act like they are God and emulate fake misconceptions of the other side, in vain, God have mercy. I know it is scary, and many of you may not be prepared to hear or react to any of this, but this explains all of my actions lately.

It is hard to explain their tactics, but I have newfound respect for them. We have talked today in a means of communication, where faith must precede proof. I do not advocate everything they do, but we can get out of the dark together. We have an understanding, as far as I know, and right now I feel as though things are going well. There is still much to be done. We both started connecting with one another tonight, and they actually helped me. I am a little awestruck, but I give them some of my trust. This relationship will be a process, and I hope it is not corrupted by "favor for a favor" mentality. The Peaceful Revolution may merely be an appeal to the higher nature of our government, but WE as sovereigns, must unite. It is our duty to contemplate reformation, and promulgate the values, or the standard and principles, to, which WE must abide. I am optimistic about our future and I hope I'm not getting to ahead of myself. This is not mainstream knowledge, and I plan to inform you all once I understand it myself, for you are all patriots who deserve to have equal respect as we give the government when we allow them into our lives in this open society we will create. However, have no fear. Privacy is not gone. Conservatism precedes liberalism. There will be more secrets unveiled. We will overcome the masquerades and deception that pervade our strength of character. We will no longer be oppressed by the pains of partial ignorance or uncertainty, nor divided over rat races for knowledge, as WE will all have access to the undiluted truth. There is hope brother, and in this hope WE must work together to fix this troubled world. WE must be on our toes, prepared to secure our crowns in the case of thievery. United, we will have our security. There is much to be discussed. We must take politics seriously, as we are no longer ignored. We share the power. Democracy is returning. We are all leaders. Victory is near. Praise Jesus, God Bless, One Love!

I cannot exalt you, brother. These are my wishes. I was wrong in doing so, and that is why we are now both in the dark.


if any one reads this, i truly admire them. Not that its bad, I think I make alot of good points, and its rather interesting... I just think people will see the length, and automatically say "no thanks"
and how come no one else has made a connection with views and replies. I think it is funny... watch this time in won't do it...
i'm just tested this conspiracy. oh yeah, and if dickhead christian is on there, ask him about simulated dreams, because my dream last night definitely felt like it was created by a computer nerd.
i can't believe they can't a nation under the spell of ignorance... anyones who knows anything is accused of insanity or delusion. And as for me, i really do have bipolar and take adderall, both of which discredit my claims. The most trecherous things are happening to me, and I'm courageous battling my hatred towards these between, yet I'm not even aknowleged, I am isolated, and those who have targeted me are scott free of blame... It is hard to believe a whole nation is under their spell. Those with some information are arrogant, pompous, and egotistically, those with none are envious, apathetic, and content. with all do respect to both of these groups, we must save our nation from the destruction of value. everyone is treating their life as if they are a character from family guy or south park. no ones cares about others... this is very detrimental... our souls are fading before our eyes... God save us.
read all these posts... notice the number of guests that read this section without effecting the number of views... just someone be aware of what is going on here for my well being. I am a good person tortured daily by the tools of destruction. i have been losing my ability to maintain value. I can't do this alone...
Christian is the dudes name that started this. His alias use to be Horatio Caine. I'm known by very technological savvy people who are infatuated with me.
Irishone, I find your posts interesting, but they tend to be long or split up into many small ramblings.

Can I propose that you have your own thread to vent your ideas, and for people to respond in?