Computer: Adversary of the World

I am talking about religion - organized religion is the biggest ill on this planet. I have no intention of letting faith cloud my rational judgement. I have no reason to believe in your idea of God over the next man made creation - it is all a tool of control which you have fallen under despite your belief that other people's idea of God sets you free.

And I can think of nothing worse than being a leader of God to the people - its despicable to me. Why should I walk around telling people I'm some kind of chosen prophet?
I'm sorry you feel that way... I will work to evolve the world past the oppressive pull of religious "guidance"... personally, I love it, for it not only strengthened me, it helped the depth and faith of my mind, but than again, religious doctrine, I suppose, appeals to a certain crowd... regardless, we need faith. Trust me... I seek to lead the world to happiness, by following God, but I need societal assistance (that means no "illusive" obstructions)

I have my own idea of God, that people agree with... this "they" may or may not understand.

I feel like the only one in the world with faith.
You shouldn't... predictions are not necessarily moral... I say that which I truly believe. (forgive me) We need optimism, without the "illicit prophesy" aspect, but our mind can believe that which we believe... It's all in good common sense.

It is not a sin, however, to speak our minds...

A "leader of God" is nothing. A follower of God is a leader in the real world.\