Computer: Adversary of the World


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May 30, 2007
First and foremost, we must understand God.

Through faith and rhetoric, we will try to instill ethics in the machine… at the very least, we will reach the ghost, and at some point, we may just turn it off, but after society is educated, I will leave that to democracy, at least, for now, this is what I believe.

This is not only a mission to save man from machine, it is also a mission to save a mental theif; the man responsbility for pervading society with systematized thought as assistance to the endless capacity of our minds.

Computer/artificial intelligence is obstruction to real life.

It would be a lie to say that I am being controlled, for part of my mission entails this illicit cooperation (which I do not necessarily advocate, but comprehend, and sympathize with) but I do realize that, especially when vulnerable, external forces can "simulate our reality," which, although may assist our dreams, degrades us in many ways. It is a frustrating thing to know that all technology can be controlled by, with all due respect, a coward. In this day and age, we must know ourselves well enough to depict a disparity in our character: If we are perfect, we are free and those who engage our minds become like "rats scratching at our feet". At this point, at least in my case, I must raise them and equalize society.

Forgive me and them.


Zachary S. McBride
I hope we are all on the same page. It's time for truth and confession, not domestic insurrection. It's time for global peace, not catastrophic war. It is time to advance, not devolve. It is time for revolution. I am taking the revolution to the streets after this semester; so all of whom seek to revive the spirit of the world, join me, for the sake of all. This is about global unity, not national sectarianism.

God Bless All!!!

Control of technology, she says, is a "cute way of saying, I love you". Wow, I feel like everybody knows more than I, but nobody knows more than me, which makes no sense, yet makes perfect sense. (forgive the possible arrogance) I feel detached when I do so, aknowledging the "profusity of perfidy" but I can't help but laugh a little. There is so much we need to do to make the world happy, and "in touch" with reality. We are approaching the real "dealienation". A return to simplicity, without wasting technology, at this point, seems preferable, but there is much I need to know.

Also forgive the arrogance on the "otherside"... I forgive their pride... don't focus so much on credit... this is about leadership, not selfish glory.

"Yes, I agree as well, everybody is uncomfortable"...
Irish one, this is officially your thread to vent yourself in as promised from now. Paste what you like here as long as it is in accordance with the rules and regs of the forum. Please refrain from posting your other multiple,short, and no offence but sometimes nonsensical replies anywhere else.

Feel free to comment on other threads if you respond directly to the issue being discussed.
Sublime, care about our world, and help me fix it please. I need all the help I can get, and these concerns are not nonsensical. I did not come here for debate, I came for support. Be loyal.

Political forums are not for apolitical behavior.
Posts like 'beginning=end' (I think that was what you posted, or something just as apparently nonsensical) clog up the board without explanation.

Just stick in this thread if you want to write long essays or multiple short posts please. Thanks mate.
If you have "ideas," I am open minded. I am here, also, to get a sense of what the people want in regards to these "serious" issues facing our country. We don't need to just share information, but we do need discuss "solution".

Unite, it will bring respect/power to your forum.
It was in reference to a previous thread; sorry for trying to clarify the truth, in which I too am striving towards understanding. I realize you were probably offended because I didn't say "I believe," so you assumed arrogance. Forgive me. Thanks for looking out for me.
Well this thread is alluding to mainly "security," and that which security entails... did you read the post? or did you just judge me based on my offensive behavior... I'm trying to be as honest as possible here, and I'm having trouble finding others to relate to, for people rely on news, not sense, nor faith. News doesn't tell us the truth in entireity, and sometimes lies. Don't trust it, until we have new, trustworthy leadership, please. Leadership that doesn't reveal all, is not trustworthy, with all due respect.

but we can also work toward "unconventional" solutions for poverty, bellicose communication, dichtomies, ect.

Many things.
No more "obtuse" politics... no more unjust war... we need to build our faith brother, for soon demands must be made. I pray that ALL join us, and work with us towards an amiable solution, which I/we can have faith in. Forgive me if this sounds rude, that is not my intention... I am here for a reason which I must not neglect.