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May 30, 2007
Dear Fellow Compatriots,

See what I realize is, there is an absolute moral standard... we all realize it in the back of our minds. However, we convolute that standard to better meet our needs. And semantics are heard to judge, even if, deep down we know the answer. I don't expect anyone to uphold perfect moral standard, which would mean having perfect ethics and complete self-control, without judging others, or becoming bitter. That is a challenge. Someone who can, being free, enjoy altruism is a true leader, different from a ruler. Whoever can do this, should be running the government, in order to pursue an ideal state. A country should seek this person, for his or her own benefits, and nominate the closest representation to moral perfection. Such a person, who understands the value of having love for thy enemy, is indispensable to the future of our civilization. A Cosmic Search is conveniently made possible through BIGBROTHER (that is suppose to be its purpose). Peaceful Revolution will occur. The word will get around. Right now, I'm studying, but when I get enough time, which I fear we are losing, I will write an extensive reformation, which does not alter the initial constitution. If none of you will help me on this mission to save humanity, I will not hold anything against you, for no one expects a group full of Revolutionaries to be prepared to achieve something subjectively impossible… Maybe Marx is right; a temporary, but righteous dictatorship must precede Brotherhood.

The mind of an innocent child can be spiritually as old as time.

Someone who would abruptly switch a system from capitalism to communism baffles me. Such a change requires gradual change to keep people complacent. And we are not trying to make people communist slaves either, they are the same as capitalist slaves, and no problem is solved. The plan is to liberate the most people from oppressive lifestyles, while causing the least harm to those who were content.

Politicians fear me because of my tendency to try and uphold rigid moral standard. They know deep down, that is where credibility is found... but they also regret the gloom and dangers of this type of mentality. That is why to an extent people need to joke around, for the good of the people. But never in front of someone who would use sentiment based on present emotion against you.

-The Student
Well written as usual Irish, a nice philosophy. There is a huge problem of greed in politics, in a struggle for power and resources. I find myself in a local political situation of a moral, economic, enviromental issue. There is discussion of a very large pit mine. The largest proposed mine in North America. There is apparently $300B...meaning $300,000,000,000 worth of metals, specifically gold and copper. This pit mine sits at the head waters of the two very pristine rivers, those rivers support the only industry in the region. Salmon fishing. It is a very large issue in Alaska right now and I am working against having this mine goes in, due to the pollution that will effect the rivers and kill salmon. Meanwhile the economy here is in recession and the cost of living high. So I guess what I will say is this. I think that morals are objective and pased on perception. They are different to everyone. I think someone elected to office need to be above board and up for additional scrutiny and that be ongoing, the culture of money needs to be minimized in the process and have the real facts come out and people make a totally objective decision for what is right for most of thier constituents.
I am not sure I totally agree with this natural law approach. Sure, as a general rule, civillizations have followed the same laws as far as written history goes down, but a set moral code has not always been the case.

Correct me if I'm wrong on any of these but,

For example, the age of sexual consent and marriage has been acceptable at 12 for many societies, but most Western countrys view this as wrong.

The Inuits used to kill some of their society who would not be going to make it through the winter.

The Viking would kill their elderly so they could go to Valhalla wether they were ill or not.

Cannabalism is practised in some more remote parts of the world as an acceptable idea, as is polygamy, honour killings, human sacrifices etc.

The majority of the world has a general set of laws that they hold as standard, but this is only because populations have been intertwined for so long.

The more remote tribes etc. tend to have less acceptable practices in accordance with this natural law because they have not had so much influence from the rest of the world in guiding them towards it.

If these moral laws that are set in stone are so everlasting and finite, why is there existence even debatable.