Requesting a New Government


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May 30, 2007
"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And when you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you." Nietzsche

Illuminati really did know what they were doing when they guided me to the abyss. I said something along these same lines in my long rant about sinister forces, amoral forces, and good clashing in a war that goes no where.

There are some out there who recognize my benevolent characteristics as well as my faith. I think I have a good understanding of God and value (even if I fail to uphold the moral standard that I'd like to (to which I would not lie about)) Weary of good speakers or salesman, it is important that we seek out a benevolent, spiritual leader for his power won't corrupt and his faith and scruples will help restore value.

“So the approximately 50% of America that is atheist is paying for this spiritual leader?”

They would be benefiting from this spiritual leader; I don't know what you mean by paying for him.

With more progressive leadership, blasphemy will bring disappointment, not appeal and the unity of the righteous will solidify the faith of believers as well as increase the number of the faithful. It is true that people have less teleological principles in this day and age. People are looking for evidence and factual support, for they don’t trust the world they live in; what this means is, spiritually, many are disillusioned as they are relying only on historical and scientific truth. I do not intend to rid the word of scientific experimentation, for science has helped over millions, but I do desire a world where both science and spirituality can coexist. Many are valuing the certain over the unknown with the cynical stance that any belief short of blatant evidence is superfluous. Considering this and other misfortunes in the arena, I have come to request new leadership that begins with an enunciation of unrefuted truths, ideologies, observations and intentions and strategies that prepare people for new policies, which are to be implemented decisively in the hope of peace and reconcilement with our abandoned faiths. With a rational faith encompassed leadership-system of sincere optimism we will be able to overcome any challenges we face. Obstacles to global unity and impediments to universal morality will not call for propaganda to manipulate the public into conceding to aggressive policies, for they will be responded to patiently and wisely, acting only in defense until all peaceful expedients have been exhausted. We will act as ambassadors to any positive message. We will prepare the world for miracles as well as threats without creating threats and enforcing endangering realities by suspicious mistrustful action.

We desire an administration that implements the virtuous common sense strategies and policies in a prudent manner that accounts for improvement and hardships in society.

In regards to our war against fear, not a single politician has sought to tighten the bond between "Islamic foes" as they are called. We have failed to show any love or respect for the opposition (so to speak) and instead have relied on force and coercion to stop war, when, in doing so, we are only intensifying the hatred of adversaries.

I am weary of using the word "we" there, for I acknowledge war does not involve indignity in only one side; any nationalistic notions in this post should be disregarded. I stand for all as I believe in an equality of Love.

We are all in God; no one side is more important than the other; comparing itself reveals judgment and flaw.

"Forcing views upon its citizens is a characteristic of fascist governments. The people should decide the values of their society not the government."

The government is obligated to lead in a way that reinstitutes morality and diffuses faith, optimism and hope. In order to do this, it must maintain a high standard of value, an understanding of the people and certain empathy for the decadent and less fortunate with a goal as high and lofty as purging society and ending poverty without negative means that cannot be justified.

This does not imply that it "forces" its views upon citizens, for such an act of coercion would undermine the will of God and wisdom of those who understand it. This we must explain to Muslim forces, in a respectful manner devoid of hate, so as to avoid degrading their culture and offending the misunderstood believers. With the exception of applying reason and compassion to rectify misinterpretations and disenchanted beliefs it confronts, the government doesn’t necessarily tell people what to believe directly; instead, the government parallels politics of value with the will of God. This means, government should construct a policy that closely resembles the will of God, explaining its intention beforehand, which is to progress towards the will of God. The truth cannot be forced into omission. It is a matter of communicating with the people on a more personal level that unveils strategy and policy in a virtuous manner with reverence to God and consideration to each.

And Damon; you don't need to harass me nor infiltrate the purpose of the thread. I am a very aged spirit, so please have some sympathy for this. It is hard to live after reaching the depths of hell, but experiencing such realities is a matter of personal growth and a transition into maturity that opens my eyes to a possibility of a less than idealistic after-life. This does not go to say that I have forgotten about the paradise many envision. It does however help me come to terms with my own fallibility. Both heavenly and hellish experiences have directed me towards purity and God, not only so I can see His miracles, but also to protect my soul from the greed of perdition. I am doing what I can to defend our world and its inhabitants; visions that may serve as a warning have matured me in a way that solemnizes my demeanor, so forgive me if I seem rather uptight when people respond in jest.