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Haven't any of you questioned our diplomacy? Don't you think it would be more helpful if we were to show some respect for the positive aspects and truths of the Koran, rather than the misconceptions of man, which confuses them? Wouldn't it make sense to praise our God, instead of denounce Our God, calling Him, their God? Don't you ever wonder why we don't use the Koran in our diplomacy? Or wouldn't it make sense to enlighten people that Jesus is also quoted in the Koran? Shouldn't we pay respects to Mohammed as well? Wouldn't it make sense to tell them why we don't agree with sacrifice, respectively, but we are not against their cause to merge the dichotomies of the rich and the poor? It we also worship Allah, who is also Our God, wouldn’t that make them more likely to work with us? Don't you think that we should stand against the political murder and war tactics used by our military and CIA? Wouldn't it make sense to help rebuild the countries we have damaged? Isn't indemnity essential at this point? Shouldn't we try to get others to stop valuing money so much? Shouldn't we discourage the advancement of weaponry? Shouldn't we explain how in advocating conservatism, we one day would like to give people back their liberties, and revolve to a more liberal policy, once the people earn their trust? Should the government act in ways to ear the peoples trust as well, by being honest and making changes that benefit the common good and serve the people? Isn’t it necessary to inform children of current events (possibly in home room)? In condemning actions of others, shouldn't we be doing this for their well being, thus not revealing our hatred, but our compassion?

If we don’t believe in the Bible or the Koran, we shouldn’t denounce them all together, nor should we seek ways to discredit the messengers, creators, and characters within them. I know occasionally my philosophy is too good for myself, but I shouldn’t manipulate my words so they better suit my character, instead, I should improve my character so they meet the standards of my words. In regards to the Bible, and Jesus, He may have said some things we don’t like or agree with. This doesn’t mean we should ostracize him, or neglect the truth of His philosophy, for He unveiled more truth than we can even begin to understand. Instead, as He, Himself told us, we should tell him why we don’t agree with Him, and in actuality, it is our responsibility to do this, as brotherhood is the aim, not conformity. He may have intentionally said things that were ill conceived merely so someone could build upon his words, and unveil new revelations to extenuate the course of history. Never in my life, would I imagine anyone would want to replace him, but join him, and assist His Work, I can understand and feel as though this may be our destiny or in others, to walk with him is the end of our journey with Jesus. Remember when He said that He would pit families against each other? Well that is rather scary words coming from Our Savior, but keep in mind, after He said this, He said, “If you are not offended, you are blessed”. We should all stand for what is right, even in the face of adversity, for morality precedes and aids security. Nevertheless, the Liberal Revolution must not be an automatic switch from one extreme to an opposing extreme, for that will only result in extreme, unappeasable behaviors that cause society to swindle into violent anarchy.
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