The Meaning of Life


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May 30, 2007
(forgive me for judgment, but chances are, this will not be understood)

The Meaning of Life: Pure Love

It turns out I may need medication, for I fear my mind will create a matrix like nightmare, or melancholy prison around me without it. I’m not always capable of positive expectations, and at times lose control of the thoughts that flood my mind, however, I realize optimal performance requires control without medication. Resorting to medication, nonetheless, does not mean I have abdicated to delusion; and to abandon these visions and illusions, and abdicate to pseudo rationality, would be to decline my destiny, and avoid the prophecy that is peace on earth. Visions I refuse to mention, for Jesus, or God within scripture attributed to His name told me to keep these awakenings in discretion. So instead, I try to diffuse hope, and expand the number of struggling survivors, a number of which is so low, the very thought depresses me. I pray those who torture my mind with shadowy technology; for I know they are skating confidently on thin ice, certain that Jesus will save them if they fall. I promulgate various solutions to which prideful, egotistical natures despise, mock, and deter the exigency of with pseudo rationality and false lessons, as if any amount of altruism, unselfish egoism, or Love will only be perceived as weakness, increasing our vulnerability, when the opposite is true, and the falsely perceived safe side is jeopardizing us far worse than we can begin to fathom. Words like gay are used as verbal weapons to make saints into sinners and sinners into rulers. When I claim the title prince, I have humbled myself, knowing that claiming otherwise would be lying for means of exaltation. I realize I am no angel, nor have I ever claimed this title without including entire populations, but I do try; although I may stumble, I strive for perfection merely to enhance my credibility so observers trust in my faith, hope, and attempted Love, inspiring them to pursue the same. The stigma of an illness challenges the watcher. In vain, BIGBROTHER or various watchers, attempt to help me, by pushing me to insanity, drowning me in preconceived, some sinister and some true, illusions, playing into my paranoia, hoping that I will plea for a life-saver and allow them to breath. Unfortunately, their attempts to manipulate the situation, their duplicitous tactics, make me more reluctant to fall a victim to their remedy. However, I feel as though I’m too far away to guard or reach the lives of others. I may have to swallow my pride, and take the medication, not only for myself, but also for the common good; then again, I may have to depend on another to understand me and relay my message successfully by appealing to the masses. Regardless of what I choose, I can’t do this alone. What damage would be dealt if I were wrong? Would Jesus come and kill me as a false prophet? Or what if I’m right? I’ve told the truth the best as I could, using honesty to counter double think, so I fear condemnation little. If Jesus did choose me to continue His work, everything would make sense to me. But even He told me I was no better than the prophets before me, and I would inevitably die, but does this discount the power of prayer and believing? Couldn’t my life be similar to the convoluted plot of “Stranger than Fiction”? Why would my survival make me better; wouldn’t it make God more compassionate? Do we need this test? Hasn’t it been long enough? Isn’t it time for the magical cure that brings Heaven to Earth, when the body and mind becomes equal to the soul? It would be cynical to say that WE, God’s beautiful family, don’t deserve a say in the future of civilization and the souls of the wicked. Wouldn’t it be ideal if the guilty paid reparations through tears of joy? Isn’t that true justice? Rehabilitate sin, don’t kill it, or provoke it with acts and words influenced by hatred. “Love thy neighbor as you would Love yourself, “ (God’s word within or spoken to Moses) means we should be concerned with our enemy, for rivalries expose and threaten the souls of the evil, and the enemy of evil the same, and in abolishing evil, one will destroy oneself as well. If we are to come together over mutual hatred, let come together in our mutual hatred of hate itself. There is no greater wisdom than a child’s happiness.

“Imagination rules the world” –Napoleon