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May 30, 2007
When I’m leader, their will be no taxes, and law will be limited to a more tolerable moral standard, for these things complicate our lives, not benefit them.

I can't thank you enough. Is “backstage” heaven, or are you alluding to a world within this world controlled by BIGBROTHER? Or is this part of your illusion and in reality surveillance is not as advanced as we think? So the clicks are a form of intimidation by them, those on my side, but what about the artificial synchronicity? Are those real persons who know my past, or are they just characters created for my journey and wonderment? What about Julio? I Love Julio, is he real? (Why can you capitalize Love without it being underlined in Microsoft word… is it because Love is the secret to this life, and hereafter?) What about my family? They care about me, don’t they? They don’t want to drain my energy by imposing questions, in an effort to control my mind, do they? If I've sworn to not leave unless a fictitious character finds God, and joins me in redemption, does that mean I can't go home? How can I decipher between the real or survivors and mirages or foreigners? Am I real… for they seem to be living more than I, regardless of whether they are characters or survivors. Clearly, they targeted me for brainwash, but some of it is so true... is coercive persuasion a means to liberate my mind from these constraints I am under, or are the constraints what keep me alive and removing them would be in essence, deepening my enslavement? All of these are questions to ponder... Yeah I'm a sensitive guy... I cry to soft rock music, and it is the best feeling in my life at this moment, considering I have no beloved one to express my Love too... I don't think I'm ready for intimacy anyway... First I have to master my mind, self-control, and learn to be positive and pleasant around others, even when confronted with adversity or pain... Basically I got to develop fortitude before I embark on a Revolution where I may be the leader or temporary dictator as they call it, (equally as valuable as the other positions) or before I begin to talk to girls... After my first Love, I lost my ability to sway emotions, for after heartbreak, I was compelled to honesty, and unfortunately, honest guys are naked, and girls need a dominant figure, not a slave, do you know what I mean?
That’s funny… so it’s all true… I realize no one really cares about me, but the fact that we accept this world is terrible. I know I’m not Jesus and I realize I have flaws. I’m not just a statistical Truman, as you’d like to think, or test me, and see if I you can make me think… I accept my slavery as the condition I must withstand to get out of this world and enter into the next… Next are you going to tell me that the spirit was fake, or the footsteps were your creation? That would be mind blowing, but I would still have faith… I’ll find out how much Jesus loves me when I pass, for now, I accept his disapproval, and persevere. They even go to the extent of messing with me in Microsoft world… but guess what… That Truman article, it was a great article… it was very similar to that last extremely timely and relevant free-your-mind website that completely describe my frame of mind, in the attempts to make me feel less important and accept this world. I don’t know how many know this, but if it is many, and yet still many ignore the injustice, then we truly are living meaningless lives. Slaves are not the ones who KNOW they can change the world; they are the ones who accept the world. You want to deter my efforts by all means, and to be totally honest; I admire your dedication and obscure compassion. Remember, I am not like you… I will not be a member of your conformity tribe who just continues daily life as if nothings happening. If it weren’t for you, and your incessant intrusions into my life, my focus would be much greater than it is now… Now I realize why I never feel like I have enough privacy to work… I DON’T… Even if you successfully prevent my success this academic year, it doesn’t matter, I will self-educate myself as best as I can, I will continue my work, and once I’m gone, my legacy will be accomplished, even if it is forgotten. Earthly life is temporary, once we leave here, we will be free. If there are other Truman’s out there dictating the same things I am I hope they don’t get discouraged, and I hope they don’t content themselves with your artificial rewards with the hidden intention of stifling a lofty ambition. So your saying, when I go to school tomorrow, restless and observant of suspicious behavior, that some how, the news will get around to selective people, causing me to actually believe I’m the subject of some reality T.V. show, which I don’t deny, and I do admit, it’s crazy, but recalling all the past events, it would be no surprise… how did he know about the whole? Maybe I am one of the last survivors, and maybe that is why they target me… I’m not sure… I only hope that a government agent can have the courage to confront me and verify this ongoing and debilitating conspiracy, so I can make it public, enlighten those like me, and change the world. Funny isn’t it… are you creating a website as we speak to trigger more paranoia, which you will later cover up? I thank you for the confirmation, but please, have the decency to tell me in public… to sit down with me and actually tell me what I have been wondering… another thing is, why when I was younger did I have a dream where in which I was in another world, preparing for my mission to this world, where people would watch this world from another world? Jesus told me to keep my vision in discretion, so that I will do… but I still remember, and parts of it, I think I may have already a told the public… but the actual visual is very symbolic and revealing of biblical Revelation, so I will keep that a secret until He comes, or until I find Him… it’s crazy, even after all these experiences, I question both BIGBROTHER and God, both of which I had ongoing experiences with… it just proves how weak and disillusioned this world makes me… I really wish that next time you speak about my particular situation; you address my name, rather then clump me in with ordinaries… It is my mistake to… for when I experience divine intervention, I think it is common, and take it for granted, despite being scolded by Jesus afterwards. I greatly anticipate next day in school… Does my teacher know I’m handing him my paper? Do my teachers adjust due dates to compensate for my wasted time? If we are all watched, why has there been no informative piece in any of the trusted websites or television networks? You don’t want to save the “sheep” correct? You have faced your match BIGBROTHER, and I will see to it, that this world learns the meaning of the word justice, not revenge… I will ensure that the people are treated humanely, that money is spent on poverty, not arms and security, that government tries to help us, not hurt us, after all, this little arena we live it, it was created for that purpose, was it not? To test my abilities to overcome the challenges and rise above adversity, in the name of God, to prove I am fit for the task. What else is there to say? Why should I care about my health if the spirit is eternal? What I should be concerned about is my habitual negativity, and masturbation which is debauchery… If I master self-control, I will be able to master my destiny, and thus earn my crown… I’m no ones King… I’m a slave, however, once I receive my crown, I will see to it, that the rest of the world finds theirs… and after this happens, guess what… those things you though were inevitable; death, sickness, and selfishness… they will no longer play a role in peoples lives… I won’t be better than you, but I will belong… for once this occurs, you will understand me, and you will know that I am not just a delusional messianic nor a typical Truman… I am a dedicated son of our father.

Your right… It is as if I’m not on any team, and that is because my mind is enslaved, and my social skills are locked in a solitary prison in which I can not find the key… My mind is enslaved because I have no masquerade, and I can easily be seen, thus everyone knows me, and is at the advantage prior to communication with me. But I’m glad that it is this way. What do you mean when you say I can’t go home? Do you recommend I tell my family my history in order to relieve the stress of my past? But if I control my reality, then they are real, the opposite of what you claim, for you don’t determine my reality… They are not phantoms; they are people, who deserve my respect and concern. I will not become egotistic, even if egotism means freedom, for I seek to make this so-called “stage” world right before I become free, if that is possible. As for the people, many appear to know something; suspicion is fostered in passing expressions. What is the meaning of this life… should I merely live behind the scenes, and watch others like TV, or triumph victoriously in this world, allowing all to share the glory thus earning the respect and compassion which I have been continually trying to give, but never receiving, to the point of suffering, consumed by the anxiety of others perceptions, merely so their life is easier, even if my life is made more difficult? Real or fake, I am a leader, a servant to the people, and I will be free when my mission is complete.

Zachary Scott McBride
that was under the influence of mind control literally, I thought it was interesting...

It was under the influence of something, that's for sure.

Irishone, you need to find yourself a nice, little, uninhabited island where you can yell about all this stuff all you want and you can "lead" whoever wants to come and live with you. Just...stick to water. No Kool-aid.
Look... i'm not sure how many of you got out of this arena... the one they talked about in subliminal messages on TV that one night... but I WANT OUT... i'm sick of this competition for knowledge... this is wrong, LET ME THE **** OUT... thought police, artificial synchronicity and all others... i'm not dumb guys, I can see the faces of people in the "know"... your not in a fight club, so stop trying to control people. I'm not crazy, I'm not paranoid... I just want out... NOW! come to my house, whatever it takes, I can't take your fake world anymore.
You truely believe you live in the matrix dont you Irishone.

Either this is a hoax from some sadact on his computer, or you are actually insane. I think its the latter.
I mean this thread... I just read over it over... Clearly it reveals my altered state of conscious that was manipulated by subliminal messages, propaganda, medication, sleep deprivation, prolounged internet research, and targeted surveilance. It has some truth to it though, if you understand it... I was hoping we could discuss some of the concepts.
how does NSA see from the perception of individuals? I don't understand that... technical terms and jargon confuses me... it just obscures the injustice... somebody needs to write a complete guide to BIGBROTHER for idiots so I don't need to spend hours contemplating the complexities of security.
I do get mad when people mess with my world... I also get mad when people use religion to justify violence... and when people are rude to each other... the thing is, if I weren’t here, those I encounter would probably be happier for people don't like bitter, nor stress or anxiety. However, if I were in charge... many people would be grateful and people would be more civil. I just wonder about confusing and vague realities like artificial synchronicity... I want to know how that person at my school knew about how I felt like I was in a hole, telling me, "you don't want to stay in that hole, do you?" (Afterwards the lady next to her shook her head suspiciously) Or what was the meaning of the religious experiences... did I lose my chance, or my lamp, if you will, because of my behavior? Can I earn it back? How many people are savvy to BIGBROTHER? To the spiritual world? How many people can read minds? I always see faces that look at me as if they know me... All I want to do is confirm my suspicions, rather than continue this struggle for information... I want a BACKSTAGE pass, or tour so I can sleep easy. The problem is, they know I will try to save "sheep," and that is something they don't want me to do, for they want to keep their crowd of elites with "fight club" rules, under the belief that if you are granted entrance into their world freely, than it will dissolve, or people will no longer be motivated, or there may be a revolt, where BIGBROTHER is dethroned... This is what I want, for I find it offensive that BIGBROTHER tries to claim the "Eye in the Sky," stealing Gods' job and responsibility, and possibly isolating our planet... I don't want to cease to exist, I want to live forever, and the workings of BIGBROTHER may be risking immortality for humanity, creating instead, a world of people who run on batteries that eventually die. Maybe some of you understand that this is not fiction and don't feel comfortable talking about it, in fear of the "Thought Police," which may result in becoming a subject for experimentation, of a target for surveillance... But I do not fear their tactics... nor will I retaliate by using their tactics of "doublethink," or mind manipulation, for I have values, making victory against this obscure machine possible. The only way to defeat a master of deception is by honesty.

At one point, when I was able to read their minds, they were considering recruiting me, however, something about me turned them away from this... I find it hard to believe that no one here knows about them, or hasn't yet been recruited by them, for I know they recruit often, so how can an entire forum by full of mental slaves, or ignorant freemen? (with all do respect)
there are errors, because someone who I can no unmask has complete editorial control over my computer... He does this, so I say something about it, and people think I'm crazy... It is hard to explain, but I believe some of you may know... They call the insiders the "enlightened".