Easter and the Matrix


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May 30, 2007
Easter marks the beginning of a simulated world; a world where individuals have predestined fates. A major counter to this chosen fate is utter indolence; or sloth (a deadly sin). Yes the other deadly sins have the same effect (exile), resulting in difficult classifications I will neglect to mention, but I used laziness as an example, for this is what many Americans’ are guilty of. This morality infringement is what is suppressing the free-movement. Laziness results in the classification of a bot. The overlord's keep the bot's in the world as a means to make it more difficult for citizens with a will to change. They are like obstacles to this game of life that has been created. The reason eggs are popular on Easter is because they resemble the hidden passageways out of this matrix-like world where no one is told the truth. They are tips or hints that can help skeptical individuals come to terms with their reality, or to help them escape. The truth is that there is no death once one finds his way out of this matrix. The light or way out is a gateway to immortality that his been kept secret for years to void out the numerous impediments to harmony. Impediments are all left within the boundaries of the arena (subject to outsider’s or aliens (insiders would be a more technical term) who have the ability to travel time (i.e) see the past and future of this world’s prophesy in entirety, read thoughts, guide thoughts, possess vulnerable area men and become completely invisible.) If arena men become harmonious with the world around them or if they repent and seek truth, in good faith and will, they will receive esoteric messages to reveal to them spiritual wisdom, such as that that suggests the material world is an illusion. There is a way to the "light" so to speak so long as you love all as you love yourself. Love cannot and should not be measured, for in the area, the test is to stand together, so as to cease the blasphemy of surveillance/security most minds are too naive to fathom. Equality of love is the main rule of this enlightened functional society we have been deprived of. The society claims to be a jewell in the rough, dedicated to vanquish shadows of certain individuals prior to their planned recruitment. If you have found your way out I request guidance, for animosity and struggles with inadequacy plus insufficient support has left me alone, a hypocrite to my true beliefs and value system I wish to follow once the exodus is complete. I realize “values are freedom,” despite diversions, so I hope that people can respect my will to change; my will to live a life of purity, absolved of sin and debauchery that dilute my inner peace. Some say that ignorance is bliss. I realize the significance of this, but that would also mean curiosity and skepticism is disorder. The years of lies must be put to an end. I am tired of waiting for those in environments of clarity to engage and stimulate my mind so I can function successfully in this arena I was born into. It is time you let me out. You told me if I was granted access to this new realm, I would be King. I want you all to know, if kingship is what you desire for me, than I will accept humbly and become, literally, a king for, not of, the people, dedicated to spreading truth, virtue and positive mentality so as to unite the righteous and rehabilitate the guilty as oppose to separate society, misleading all individuals, in an attempt to seek out the toughest and most equitable. Each man deserves a crown and there individuality. Together we can share the gifts we innately received. Immorality and amorality will be granted the gift of heart and faith; amorality and morality, the gift of dominance and wit (dominance of course will be used selectively for gaming, refraining from meshing the game and life itself); morality and immorality, the gift of relaxation and consistency. We will live as one, humbled under the God whose presence will surround us. Society will advance at a much faster rate; sickness, death, and fear will be no more. I am not just yellow; I am also red, blue and green.