Revolutionary Philosophy

man... I'd like to know about technology. Robin emailed me, but she just used some conventional explanation that sounded informative, but told me nothing useful, basically denouncing the most troubling things. I mean, if this is happening, the person doing it is bound to have some money, or some clout, because your average hacker cannot control all new-age technology, or read minds, or control minds (to an extent)

Only by ethical perfection and value will I/we be able to read minds... It's not ethical to cheat... nor is it to read minds, unless there is equality of capability, and in that case, to preserve the games, and most importantly, life, we need to restore value. For games, rules need to be outlined and respected beforehand, and in regards to life, God's will needs to be understood by all.

It's hard to concentrate with open door, which is why we need to move towards independence, trust and privacy.

Forgive me when praise hurts me.

I though I had ADD, but realize now, it's the conflicts of this worlds, and the terrible alienation that has distracted me from the procedures of daily life... that is why it is time for perfection. I have no disorder but sin.

I'm a good thinker, with a poor memory that I strive to perfect by following God, more so than reading books; then, not now, forgive us.

Forgive all, once all are free, so will I be.

We ALL think, so in regards to the family within my mind, please don't try to steal my ego; if I didn't think, neither would you... it's about us.

After peace, we will learn the history. Forgive our generation if we seem aloof, we have our own ideas on where we want to take this world, considering God and the Heavens first; ideas in which may be weakened, or corrupted by knowledge of the elusive, political workings.

To learn the whole truth, we follow God. We not only earn trust, we expect others to earn our trust, regardless of how much we want to give our trust.

No victory is "defacto" until ALL sides win.

To me, politics seems like an unnecessary means to occupy time and play globe... forgive them; I think it’s time for rational/simple life, without irrational war and ludicrous, pretentious decisions that betray man and God, have mercy.

We are so competitive that we'd compete for bottom if we were aware it was beneficial. The bottom, in an inverted hierarchical world, is very contenting so long as we seek cooperation, not childish mind games. When we stand above no one, we seek equality, not power over others. I forgive you.

Also forgive confused bias, no one is a "bad man," there are only misguided or rebellious spirits, that rebel man, government, or even machine, not God.

Politics is precarious recess, which the New World can no longer tolerate, or handle, and in seeking redemption, we must revert back to virtuous lifestyles, where each individual is accounted for, and the will of God is the ultimate aim.

Sinful thought suppresses the power of our mind. To overcome sin, is to enable greater capacity of the mind.

I can't read, I'm oppressed by my own desire, deceived by what I cannot understand. My desire is getting out of hand. I sense the desire of another female, possible taking advantage of machination, or, in looking past, what could even be a guy, or some other mind hoax, I consider the possibility of an angel from Heaven, training me for leadership. Maybe it's all three. I am unsure if she is my princess, but if it is, I don't know how much longer I can resist, but if I give in to lie, lust disquised as love, or vice versa, it is merely my own confusion and struggle within I succumbed to, and I'm willing to take full responsibility. I am not one to hold grudges, but I DO mind... At some point in the past, I figured we were married, or we will be, or possibly this could be an arranged marriage to forge an essential political alliances, but no matter the case, I can't make promises in regards to her, but I am, however, if this be a girl who tempts me, open to friendship, and eager to get to know those ahead in this dichotomy of time, for they too are family, and family I need. No matter, this all seems very illicit, very lewd, and very distracting, especially since I am a prince, and believe, full heartedly, that my princess awaits, and whoever she may be, is created solely for me. My fear is that the guilt this experience would bestow was manipulated as some sort of initiation process, or worse, a means of mitigating The Revolution. I have so many ideas... I want, no, I need the truth... the whole truth, devoid of lies and dilution, to which the world will soon know.
According to Nietzsche

1) Becoming has no goal. There is no grand unity, becoming is self deception that leads to the creation of a true world, or a pseudo debauchery filled heaven, to which, furthermore, leads to disbelief in both, and results in a meaningless existence, or in other words, Nihilism.

I disagree with Nietzsche. I do not abandon the purpose of life, nor do I neglect the importance of God, our divided worlds, or the Kingdom.

It’s hard to be free when surrounded by prejudice, false conception, and sin, but God willing, with support, we will accomplish the loftiest goal in history: True peace and happiness.

I forgive the jealousy/fear involved in the endeavor to medicate depth, faith, and spirituality. We will not cower, or back down to conventional thought, for the sake of the world, God, and past, present, and future.

We will bring back real “aim” “unity” and “truth,” following each other, and God to a magical world of hope, love, and fantasy. First, the truth must be revealed, for truth is remedy, not disease, that ALL can handle.

The present must make the future real…

Many believe this is a rational world… it is, largely, lacking in emotion, and thus complex, for people have lost their sense of divinity; for these very reasons, the spiritual, those who rely on the supernatural, but still keep faith in humanity, become the rational, despite accusations by those struggling with disillusion that they are irrational. When emotions subside, rationality, or logic is distorted.

Nowadays, I don’t always feel comfortable when I am called man… I feel as though, in surpassing my sinful nature I become a son, one with spirit, or an angel, or even an alien, but terms like human, man, and mortality as I, and as we simultaneously I would imagine, progress, start to lose meaning, but are still retained, to avoid arrogance, grandiosity, or twisted karma, and not denied. Forgive me for my trespasses, I love and respect all!

Forgive me for predictions; I feel guilty, even if I believe them…

“Ha,” my antithesis is in my mind; I feel as though we are working together, merging our philosophy to bring pure harmony into the world. I pray, and believe, following the Revolution; we will no longer sacrifice value in life, for we will understand. There will be no ruler! Value, worldwide, will be restored!


Penitence- sorrow for sins of faults

Pantheism- a doctrine that equates God with the forces and laws governing the universe

To those who support me, I thank you, and pray you not merely support, but also listen, and strive, not surrender, for, not to, God’s will. God is with us!

“One must either be the hammer or the anvil”… according to Rousseau.

Leadership is a constant search for trust, until we are all leaders; at that point, we are free. A world full of good kings and good angels is a world free of conflict.

We are all oppressed, until we are all superior.

I feel as though the concept of the General Will restrains God’s Will, the “real” general will, which is most suitable to all. Nonetheless, this takes great understanding and powerful rhetoric to attain, for humanity is obstinate, no matter how miserable.

Forgive me, I should not be abashed by the truth I hold. I question quotes on the former, for external forces have helped me speak my mind, acknowledging my deep scars and empathy for sinners. I also forgive their pride and unlawful intrusion; I believe we would be a great deal more successful if we were more virtuous, and less duplicitous.
The closer we are to God, the more careful we must be about our transgressions, yet still refraining from deceiving ourselves, that is why princes are weak and bound to fall without the support of equal brethren and or angels, for the deeper/higher, the weaker or more delicate we become. Even the cultivators must be cultivated, in sincerity; if this cultivator were a woman’s guidance, he, the son or prince, must decipher mother or sister from lover, so as to prevent the disgraceful act of adultery, or polygamy.

State of nature; John Locke believes in equality, but also believed property owners could help things run more efficiently.

At some point, I believe, in considering God’s will, we must make an agreement to share land, yet still refusing to break in heritage promises, so as to keep the peace, without unsettling elders. Prior in doing so, we must ensure good will to all so as to live happily in peace, not struggling with the contention of conflicted, misguided, and ill intentioned neighbors.

We must be weary of industry, for agriculture is a great blessing that must be preserved, therefore, lifestyles, must and will be rearranged to accommodate an earth friendly revolution.
A government must provide for all of our needs, and give when asked, unconditionally, or else the government is unethical.

The government that has the power to give has the power to take away.

The unethical government is the one that insist it must take from you and me in order to provide for our needs and if we don't like it well the sherrif will just come and make sure that we participate.

The ethical government is the one that leaves us alone. Our founding fathers created this country based on that ideal, they wrote the constitution based on that ideal and anything else is both unethical and unconstitutional.

"We must confine ourselves to the powers described in the Constitution, and the moment we pass it, we take an arbitrary stride towards a despotic Government."
-- James Jackson, First Congress, 1st Annals of Congress, 489

"A wise and frugal government ... shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."
-- Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1801
Government is unethical, espeically those who engage in clandestine behavior, to deceive the public, making false claims that it is for their protection. This is a lie, with all due respect. Times have changed. It's time for something completely new, real leadership, which recognizes that judgement itself is a sin...