Individual Sovereignty

Look at it this way. You inspired him to create a whole new section of the forum just for exposing us. :D
9sublime said:
Whey! Its another member of Lasher, DavidHenry's forum etc. Well, let me remind you along with anyone else from your forum, you are all on thin ice as it is, so watch yourself. This forum is a place for civil and respectful debate, and so far much of what I have seen from your members is often not civil but prejudiced, racist rants. Just a warning.

now I understand what you were talking about in your above quote 9sublime

no, I am not from that forum. I just got to know that forum with your message now.

peace :)
that's not true. that section obviously existed long before he even opened his account here.

No, I've seen that forum since the first time Jenifer Johnson posted on my forum, and it is a new forum name (Jewish / Zionist stranglehold of internet forums) created recently with old threads moved into it.

*shrugs* granted, I'm still a newbie, but even I know the Jews aren't out to take over the world. If they wanted to they'd have done it by now. Seriously. And the best way to NOT take over the world is to use political forums.