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Aug 1, 2006
Why is it that certain treatments aren't covered on your medical insurance? Why is it that such things as flood insurance is so hard to get?

To a certain degree, we can assume politics are involved when it comes to insurance companies and the medical treatments they'll cover under their health insurance policies. These politics are due mostly to politics within the insurance industry itself, rather than the politics you think of when you think of the government.

For example, many insurance companies refuse to cover certain medical treatments under their health insurance policies because of the cost of the medical treatments. Regardless of how effective the medical treatments are, if they are considered too expensive for the insurance company to pay, the insurance company won't cover the medical treatment under their health insurance policies.

The same applies to insurance companies and homeowner's insurance policies. It's virtually impossible, if not completely impossible, to get flood coverage with your homeowner's insurance policy. Why? Because floods are quite common in many parts of the country, and the cost of fixing damages caused by floods is extremely expensive. Many insurance companies also won't cover homeowner's who own certain kinds of potentially dangerous animals, such as Pit Bulls, under their homeowner's insurance policies because of the how expensive the damages an attack from a Pit Bull can be.

Is it really fair to refuse to offer certain kinds of insurance policies simply because a person happens to live in a flood-prone area, or own a certain kind of pet? Isn't that what insurance is all about - helping people in the event of emergencies and accidents?

Take a look at your insurance policy, and find out what isn't covered and why. You may just want to start searching for a new insurance provider.
Why is it that certain treatments aren't covered on your medical insurance? Why is it that such things as flood insurance is so hard to get?

Flood insurance is mainly provided by the federal government and is handled by FEMA.

Flood insurance is relatively cheaper than most other insurances since it is subsidized by the taxpayer.
While true, it's extremely expensive (Much more than your average American can afford to pay every year) and hard to get. And coverage is sometimes sketchy.
I hear that it is still reasonably affordable but 'affordable' is a very subjective term.
I think relative is the adjective you are looking for. I know where I lived (Tampa) was at least twice as expensive, here in the Watchung Hills.
Me and my damn adjectives!

Maybe it is the hurricanes and the fact that you lived in a coastal city that made it more expensive.

But, where I live, which is the base of the Pocanos, is infamous (locally) for being a collection spot for runoff.
Flood insurance is only issued by the government. I don't know of any private company that has it available.

It's easy enough to get, and most insurance companies will handle the policy for you. The problem is that if ANY of your property is in a flood zone then you have to pay according to that one piece. It's not that expensive, though. I was actually suprised when we got ours.
Flood insurance hits you with lots of red-tape and specific terms though doesn't it? I haven't looked into it, but I have heard that the coverage and terms are quite narrow and that it is easy to get screwed in the case of a flood even when the person has insurance... anyone care to fill me in?