Iran refuses to halt nuclear work as deadline passes


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Dec 9, 2006
Austria, in the heart of Europe
[SIZE=-1]By Mark Heinrich. VIENNA (Reuters) - Iran brushed off threats intended to make it freeze its nuclear program as a UN deadline to do so fell due on Wednesday, but offered to guarantee it would not seek atomic weapons.

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What's going to happen now?
Indeed it is.

Each time a deadline is set they toe up to that deadline and pass it with, currently, no real consequences.

This is troubling to me, so far they have not been agressive though. I just have a feeling that some little thing might set off one of the sides and will erupt from there.

A conflict with Iran is not what we need right now...
This has two outcomes,eather they plan on having the bomb no matter what, Or they are playing the N.Korean came of blackmail. I feel it is the 2nd case that is most likely to be. I HOPE
The nuclear non-proliferation treaty was cleverly worded to allow the powers that already possessed nuclear weapons and technology to continue developing and increasing their arsenals whilst leaning on other developing countries, imposing restrictions on their access to technology.

If Iran wants nuclear weapons it is because America has so many pointed at them. Britain is about to update its Trident nuclear missile system. Nearby Israel is also armed and opposed to them in political and religious terms. This is a very threatening situation fo Iran who have just watched their neighbours, Iraq, being reduced to a highly volatile state of, and I quote the US defence secretary, 'a four way civil war'.

Really we have no right to tell other nations what they can and cannot do. We are not the world police. If Iran wants Nuclear power it does so to gain an equal place at the negotiating table of world politics. It's like kids in the playground arguing over the latest toy. I say give every country their own nuke to shut them up and get everyone round the table to discuss how we're going to sort out our environment, rather than taking macho stances and getting ready to fill another country with depleted Uranium shells.

Think about the future! We don't need tyrants, aggressors and despots right now on the world stage on ANY side.