Is Obama the anti-christ from the east?

You mean it actually gives you a measure of intellectual ascendancy to have lived with goat-herders?

Not having done it, I wouldn't know, that's why I asked for a clarification instead of just bleating like a sheep the way some of the more numb posters on this have been known to do.
You know, Bokile, I see that you skipped pretty lightly over the question of your having lived with the Taliban. Are you padding your resume a bit with that claim?

I never have said something like that in my real life or on this forum. Other member wrote that some days ago:cool:
Yes, in the UK there is a much higher Muslim population and I have many Muslim friends. You - on the other hand don't, I'm willing to stick my neck out and say that. Of course its easy to lie on internet forums like saying you lived in the hills with the Taliban :confused: .

the UK is hardly Afghanistan or Pakistan.
I do have two muslim friends and I know many muslims too:D They are muslims from former Yugoslavia and I can't relate them to Arab muslims in many ways:cool: They were a Chrisitans first but converted to Islam during satanic Turkish rule.
If you are true English you would join Brithish Nationa Party but you are English traitor, leftist of the worst kind that I hate so much.
Your country will be taken in 20 years in the same way that Albanian muslims took our holy land Kosovo. They even provided explosives for London's bombings and you still support them.

Join the British national party? The BNP - the bigots, nobodys and peverts? Would rather take up religion mate - and thats saying something. I don't need to be a nationalist not to be a traitor, but you obviously believe this is the case. As a result, you are filled with hate and ignorance.
Join the British national party? The BNP - the bigots, nobodys and peverts?

This days if you love your people you are bigot, nobody or pervert?
Only way to defend your nation is to join heroic BNP. If you do not do it your kids will be ashamed of you once their country becomes free again.
You don't know what your talking about. You may like the name BNP, because it sums up what you believe to be healthy, blindly loving your country and race.

However, you are totally unaware of its practises. You are foreign right? If you walked past them on a street at night they would kick your head in then go around recruting the young working class by telling them foreigners are stealing their jobs all the time.