Israel pressuring Obama with shutdown:


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Apr 16, 2008
Press TV has conducted an interview with Mark Glenn, member of the Crescent and Cross Solidarity Movement, about Pentagon officials warning of the consequences of the first government shutdown in the US over the last 17 years as hundreds of thousands of civilian employees have been furloughed.

What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Let’s look at the effect that this may have as far as the from the Pentagon, from the military aspect of things with the shutdown. What is your think? Does it have a major affect or not?

Glenn: I do not think it will have a major effect to say that it won’t affect anything I think would be inaccurate but you know all of these civilian contractors who basically do these desk jobs, they can be replaced by men in uniform.

The military make sure that it does not have to necessarily rely on civilians to do certain things if it can do it itself in the time of an emergency such as this one.

We can only hope that it would have some type of an effect and that it would force the American military to pull back from operations in Iraq or in Afghanistan or any of these other theatres that we will be hearing about in days and the weeks to come where fires are being lit by the American military in order to expand not just the American empire but the Israeli empire.

But I think for the most part it is a drama that we are seeing. I think that in large part this has been done to put pressure on Obama not over his Health Care Bill but rather because of the fact that Benjamin Netanyahu is not getting the worse that he wants in Syria, in Iran.

Let’s not forget that the one man who is probably singular responsible for holding up the spending that is needed to keep the federal government running is Eric Cantor who is a very close friend of Benjamin Netanyahu and a big supporter of Israel.

Press TV: With this perspective you’ve just had, why don’t we hear more of that side or analysis within the United States itself trying to see exactly what is that the crux of the problem?

Glenn: Well because the powers understand that if the American people ever found out that indeed this is not a free country but rather is being held hostage by a foreign hostile power, namely that of Israel and her lobby in America, then the American people would rise up hopefully and expel this virus so that we could go back to living as a sovereign nation.

And so this is why they will couch all of this in discussions about the Health Care Bill and they will rise the support in the ire of particularly the right-wing in this country who is very much against Obama but I do believe that the crux of this as you said, that what we have here is an agent for a foreign government that is using his position in the House of Representatives to put pressure on Obama.

Let’s not forget that this shutdown is taking place in mere ten hours after Benjamin Netanyahu gave his speech at the UN demanding that the United States do exactly what Israel has been saying now for many years which is to attack Iran and to destroy her nuclear program.

Press TV: So how do you see this playing itself out, if it is about actually putting pressure on Obama? Are we, you think that the shutdown will be in for the long-run? Will it take long for them to change their minds or how do you see this playing itself out?

Glenn: Well it is hard to say but I think that Obama does have certain levels of pressure that he can apply to the other side as well and you know as much as he is held captive by the likes of Eric Cantor and the Israeli lobby in this country, we also have an intelligence community that is against this war with Syria and against this war with Iran, we have the military community that is very much opposed to these wars.

And so they have all sorts of dirty tricks that they can pull as well. I see this shutdown taking place not terribly long before Obama and his people begin to put pressure against ... who knows, he may even make a deal with Netanyahu not necessarily going to war against Syria or Iran but doing something so that Netanyahu can save face in the midst of what has been a devastatingly terrible political situation for him not just at home in Israel but around the world.