I stand on the position that there needs to be two seperate states.

I also find it amusing that this news piece is coming from Chinese press, being that the PRC is responsible for over 80% of the world's executions.
And when I say two seperate states, I mean the US needs to stop aiding Israel in its own little terrorist endeavors. With that statement I guess I am obligated to inform you that I do not support Palestinian aggression either. But as it stands now, Israel is capable of doing what it does particularly because of our support.
I don't see an end to this conflict in my lifetime, both sides believe to their core they have a right to Jerusalem and neither will relent. Financial sanctions, replacing leaders on both sides, none of that will help.
what is this really about?? is it just about israel killings or is something else involved? sorry i'm confused
Does anyone know of a state or nation being created in the past that within it's own character, calls for the total destruction of one of it's neighboring states as the Palestinians do with regard to Israel?
I really don't understand Davideyoung question.... is it questioned rather Israeli soldiers have the right to shoot a terrorist before he shoots the first shot? Amazing. There is a battle over there and in battle they shoot. The difference is that Palestinians militia disguised as civilians shoot on Israelis, soldiers and civilian alike, While the Israelis in uniform shoot only on terrorists (although mistakes occur because of the Arabs behave: shooting from within civilians and dressed as civilians).