It's hard to not want to vote for McCain after watching this...

I want a Candidate who will authorize the use of nuclear weapons if we ever get attacked again! I was hoping John McCain would launch a nuclear missle over to North Korea if they ever do anything stupid.
Yeah, you shouldn't be allowed to vote. Although I'm not unduly worried because your probably only about 12 at most.
Dropped the a-bomb.

If you weren't so immature and naive, you would realise that nuclear weapons are not an option in todays world unless you want to nuke innocent Africans. Every other country has nuke capabilites or allys that do.
Are you too blind to see that attacking Iraq has only made the situation a far bigger ticking time bomb, wether or not the attack was neccessary. Nuking an arab nation is just the stupidst thing in the world.

You can't see this, because you are the classic bloodthirsty, overweight American stereotype that drags down the intelligent people in your country.
It doesn't make me want to vote for him. For his whole political career, he has avoided speaking about, or drawing attention to himself via this material. The only reason he has done it now is because he sees it as a means to get pity votes. If you weren't going to vote for him because of his vision or policy he has supported in the past, this shouldn't change a thing.
Sub,It has to be done.Im sorry but if the arabs ever attack us again they must pay the ultimate price.

What are you talking about? Who do you nuke? Say a terrorist attack comes in the from of 5 Saudi's, 4 Egyptians, and 1 Jordanian. Who then do you propose to nuke? None of these governments are our enemies, and none of these governments openly encourage these activities against the United States. If you put this idea on the table, it almost ensures that another attack is coming, simply to cause this dilemma.

Also, do you know the precedence that the use of nuclear weapons will set? Russia will then use them in Chechnya, India and Pakistan perhaps go nuclear over the Kashmir region, and China could potentially use them in regards to Taiwan. There is a reason that no one with any credibility is talking about this idea, and that is because it is simply moronic.