Jerry Falwell dead.


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May 10, 2007
Houston, TX
I never celebrate the death of another human being, but I'm sure glad that guy is out of the mix (as far as mixing religion and politics goes).
He was a perfect example of what is wrong with religion. Self-righteous, egotistical, intolerant, mean-spirited little creep. Didn't he come up with the WWJD idea? Are Christians happy that his concept of Jesus was revealed by his teaching. Falwell was America's ayatollah.
"I'm sure he's in a better place--perhaps warmer too."
--Ooooooooh, ha ha ha! I really shouldn't laugh at that though.
I hate to burst all your bubbles but it doesn't make even a tiny difference to the movement that Falwell is gone.
Christians, like any other group, have a right to make their views heard and to support candidates who share their views. They have a right to organize and band tohether to multiply their message.
Now that the threshold has been crossed, the door won't be closed. Falwell only opened the door.
Christians are not going to sit on the sidelines while hostile (and often perverted) public policies are implemented by the secular left. Those polices will be opposed, vehemntly and vocally.
And if you think that Falwell's death will change even a whit of the movement, you don't have your ear to the ground.
We are in the process of cleaning out the republican Party of the moderates and progressives (RINO's). Christians vote in higher percentages than the general population. We are not happy with GWB and his bunch of NeoCons and there will be far fewer elected officials with NeoCon beliefs after the 08 elections.
I hope you guys/gals are ready for a return to Reagan and company because that is coming.