Jews Who Sought Revenge


McCain’s ideological support, like Bush’s, comes from Podhoretz Neo-Cons and Leiberman Neo-Libs, not Reagan Conservatives nor Kennedy Liberals. These supporters have the same Neo-Marxist roots, which originated over 60 years ago, when millions of defeated Marxist immigrants from Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were admitted by America, as desperate persecuted refugees; after all of the European nations refused to take them.

By the McCarthy Era, many of these pathetic refugees had gotten good government jobs; and, by way of showing their deep gratitude to the American People, they systematically corrupted the government and endangered national security, by working as spies for Marxist Russia. The most notorious of these spies, the Rosenbergs, were executed for treason. This had the intended beneficial effect of stopping most of the dangerous spying; but it had the unintended consequence of causing these Marxist refugees to seek social and economic power by pretentiously assimilating into the Conservative Republican and Liberal Democrat parties; where they quickly mutated into the Neo-Conservatives and Neo-Liberals, with insidious ideological opposition to traditional Christian culture and Constitutional principles. The result of the subversive influence by these virulent Crypto-Neo-Marxists in the government, schools, news media and entertainment media was the increasingly intolerably cultural degeneration that has led up to the American Cultural War.

Podhoretz Neo-Con and Leiberman Neo-Lib ideologies notoriously promote contempt for patriotism, defensive war, historical facts, Christian culture, United States Constitution, United Nations, and Conservative Reagan Republicans and Liberal Kennedy Democrats.

With the failure of Marxist ideology, the Neo-Cons opposed the revolutionary spread of Marxism, and now strive to control the deployment of American military power for interventionist warfare everywhere in the World; but the Neo-Libs continued to support Marxism. To survive, these Neo-Marxist mutants, Neo-Cons and Neo-Libs, quite readily change from one form into the other, depending patriotic spirit of the times.

All of this contempt is transparently motivated by a dogmatic belief in gaining an advantage by insubordination to the practices of national religious and governmental traditions, which grant the inalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These Crypto-Neo-Marxists, like their failed Marxists predecessors, imagine that they can somehow create their own new superior civilization, if they first destroy the traditional allegiance to the nuclear family, Christianity, nationalism, and the Constitution.

Israel, which these Marxists refugees have had all to themselves for 60 years, to do their utopian social engineering, in their own artificially created state, is notoriously poorly governed and heavily subsidized by the Diaspora; and the People of Israel, once the most widely pitied in the World, have come to justly earn the distinction of now being the most universally despised, condemned, and threatened with annihilation.

In this crucial 2008 presidential battle of the American Cultural War shall the Reagan Conservatives and the Kennedy Liberals finally combine forces against these desperately united Podhoretz Neo-Cons and Leiberman Neo-Libs supporting Insane McCain; or shall they continue to suffer ideological corruption of their Republican and Democrat parties, subversion of their traditional Christian culture and Constitutional Law, pernicious governmental strife, and the illegal and un-patriotic sacrifice of the wealth and blood of the American People to sole benefit of Israel?

With Leiberman Neo-Lib Princess Hillary burnt at stake by the Kennedy Liberal Democratic Party, shall Podhoretz Neo-Con McCain have his final date for the presidency, or for the Reagan Conservative Republican firing squad?

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A few comments. The ideas of jews taking over the world has its ultimate roots in, besides historic antisemitism, the fact that since jews have high IQs, they inevitably rise in whatever polity they exist, as long as they're allowed to. Jews in the late 19th century lived in oppressive conditions and as outsiders in eastern europe and russia, as they had for centuries, and marxism, the new idea, with it's ideas of equality greatly appealed to them at that time. Leftism of various stripes had been passed along for generations, and is still held by many jews to one degree or another. However, starting with the soviet union, things started to change - jews were dismayed to see that even in the new social order they were discriminated against. The soviet pact with the nazis turned many jews away from marxism. As the post war years went on, gradually many jews began to question their own leftism, as they saw such things as the soviet support for israel's enemies. Finally, many of them had had it with leftism, and became "neoconservatives", a term coined by Irving Kristol in 1979. The neocons supported a muscular foreign policy, especially in the middle-east. In organizations such PNAC, one actually could hear the faint ideological echoes of the international goals of marxism, in their idea of spreading democracy around the world. Meantime, the neoconservatives maintained what in the US is called "liberal" ideas of social policy.

The last, and least, word to say about neconservatives is how laughable it is that low-brow uneducated dolts think it is an insulting appelation for conservatives in general, many of whom are as far away from neoconservativism as the moon is from the earth. :rolleyes: