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Latest Sino-Indian border incident

Discussion in 'Asian Politics' started by reedak, Aug 31, 2020.

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    1. NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India said on Monday it had foiled an attempt by Chinese troops to change the status quo on their disputed and ill-defined border in a fresh flare-up between the two nuclear-armed countries.

    "On the Night of 29/30 August 2020, PLA troops violated the previous consensus arrived at during military and diplomatic engagements during the ongoing standoff in Eastern Ladakh and carried out provocative military movements to change the status quo," the Indian army said in a statement.

    It said Indian soldiers foiled the Chinese bid to "unilaterally change facts on the ground."...

    Source: https://www.msn.com/en-sg/news/worl...-at-disputed-border/ar-BB18xmLe?ocid=msedgdhp

    2. It goes against logic for China to wait until now to change the status quo on the disputed and ill-defined Sino-Indian border for the following reasons:

    (a) It must be noted that China unilaterally withdrew from large tracts of land it captured during the 1962 border clash. Hence it is really mad for China to try retrieving what it had given up 58 years ago. Why such crazy behaviour? Just for the fun of it, or to test whether India is militarily weaker now than 58 years ago?

    (b) In 1974, India tested its first nuclear bomb, code named "Smiling Buddha". Why didn't India name it "Smiling Shiva", the Hindu God of Destruction? To name a weapon of mass destruction after the merciful Buddha is clearly a great insult to Gautama Buddha.

    We could see that between the long period of twelve years from 1962 to 1974, China still had a lot of chances to change the status quo on the ground if it regretted unilaterally given up the lands it had captured. It makes no sense for China to wait for over half a century to try to retrieve what it had unilaterally handed back to India.

    On the other hand, Modi needs a border incident more than ever with China to divert his people's attention away from his dismal economic performance and failure to control the Covid spread in his country.

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