Liberals are delusional and in denial

the annoying thing

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Jan 17, 2022
flat out they are in a state of confusion they have bragged about Biden and he has hurt the natin with his policy's costing us the people billions . They tell us how good he is yet they want to replace him badly .
They have been covering up joes health and even with it being obvious some are still stupid enough to support him.
They are worried about back door Harris . What will happen will joe run I hope so they need a good dose of joe to see his condition hes been going down hill for 2 years and they have been in a delusional state of denial .
You mean establishment democrats. Most liberal voters never wanted him as their candidate. But the DNC didn’t allow for an honest primary to be had.
Nope most Democrats he already pissed of the Muslims and Jewish and young American .that don't leave a lot lol
Yeah that’s what I was saying. The only people supporting him right now are people who’d vote Democrat no matter what. And normally many progressives would’ve voted Democrat but he angered them too by supporting genocide and letting them down time after time. It is not smart at all for a Democrat to think making enemies of the progressive base is a good idea in exchange for Nikki Haley voters or whatever he’s had in mind. That was always a stupid plan. And I’m pretty sure they’ll be voting Trump now. Nice job, Joe.