Marijuana U.S.A.

"Most consumers residing in jurisdictions in the United States where the adult use of cannabis is legal report obtaining their marijuana primarily from brick-and-mortal retailers, according to new survey data compiled by New Frontier Data.

Fifty-two percent of respondents said that they primarily sourced their cannabis products from brick-and-mortal establishments. By contrast, only six percent of those consumers residing in legal states said that they primarily purchased cannabis from a “dealer.” Nearly one-third of respondents reported obtaining cannabis from either friends or family. Gifting cannabis to others without any remuneration is legal in adult-use states.

“These data indicate that the legal, regulated
cannabis market is displacing the underground marketplace,” NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano said. “Over time, consumers are becoming more comfortable with and more reliant upon licensed retailers – who offer greater convenience, product quality, and safety."
"Members of the Michigan Civil Service Commission are accepting comments from the public on proposed changes to the state’s drug testing regulations.

Officials have proposed amending regulations so that most public employees no longer have to undergo pre-employment testing for marijuana. Officials are also considering adopting a
new rule permitting those who previously failed their test to be eligible to reapply for employment."

"Legislation limiting the way police interact with persons who either possess or have recently smoked cannabis has become law absent the signature of Democratic Gov. Wes Moore. The new law takes effect on July 1, 2023.

Provisions in the law stipulate: “A law enforcement officer may
not initiate a stop or search of a person, a motor vehicle, or a vessel based solely on one or more of the following: the odor of burnt or unburnt cannabis, the possession or suspicion of possession of cannabis that does not exceed the personal amount limit, the presence of cash or currency in proximity to cannabis. … Evidence discovered or obtained in violation of this section … is not admissible in a trial, a hearing, or any other proceeding.”

Marijuana possession and home cultivation becomes legal on July 1, 2023. Retail sales of cannabis products are anticipated to begin soon afterward."

"Descheduling is the key to responsible federal marijuana reform.

descheduling marijuana and placing it under the purview of the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), cannabis could be regulated similarly to alcohol.

tasking the U.S. Food and Drug Administration with oversight, cannabis would be a logical – and better – fit for the TTB because it’s already equipped to deal with regulating consumer packaged goods.

Rescheduling cannabis from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2 would be the worst-case scenario for Main Street cannabis businesses."

"Regulated adult-use marijuana sales in New York state have surpassed $16.5 Million since the first dispensary opened in December, state regulators said last week.

To date, only 10 adult-use marijuana retail stores have opened statewide, according to a May 11 state Cannabis Control Board presentation.

Despite the limited retail capacity and rampant competition from the illicit market, legal retailers have recorded $16.5 million in sales since the first store opened just after Christmas, said Chris Alexander, executive director of the state Office of Cannabis Management."

"The effort to legalize recreational marijuana in Florida crossed a major hurdle but still faces a likely challenge from the state’s attorney general.

Florida’s Department of State reported that the proposed ballot measure to legalize recreational marijuana gathered enough signatures to put it on the ballot in 2024.

The constitutional amendment, proposed by Smart & Safe Florida, gathered 967,528 valid signatures — more than
70,000 above the requirement to reach the ballot. Smart & Safe through April had spent $38.4 million to get the new measure on the ballot — all paid for by medical marijuana giant Trulieve Inc.

While it still faces a Florida Supreme Court review and an expected legal challenge from
state Attorney General Ashley Moody, amendment supporters heralded the breakthrough."