Marine puppy video


Feb 27, 2008
A shocking video that appears to show a U.S. Marine tossing a puppy off a cliff has sparked fierce controversy and outrage online, leading to a military investigation.
An official statement released Tuesday by the Marines calls the YouTube video "shocking and deplorable" and said it violates "the high standard we expect of every Marine," while some in the blogosphere label the clip an obvious fake.
If proven true, the video would be the latest black eye for a military already tarred by the infamous photos of prisoner abuse taken at Abu Ghraid prison in Iraq. Fake or not, the clip is already sparking widespread condemnation.
"It was a horrific shock," said Stephanie Scroggs, director of communications for the SPCA International in a phone interview Tuesday. "It was very disheartening to see that video."
Scroggs declined to comment on the authenticity of the video but said it was more common to hear reports of soldiers rescuing animals in Iraq than mistreating them. She said she had heard reports of military personnel who were ordered to euthanize animals that weren't placed into homes, as soldiers are not allowed to accommodate animals in the barracks.
Marine Corps spokesman Maj. Chris Perrine told the Associated Press that it appears the man shown tossing the black-and-white puppy in the video is a lance corporal based with a unit in the Hawaiian islands. Calls to the Marines' public affairs office had not yet been returned at time of this posting.
The grainy footage of two Marines joking around before vaulting the dog into a ravine surfaced Sunday, receiving 145,000 views on YouTube and 8,344 Diggs (at time of this publication).
Users on both sites have voiced outrage over the graphic content, posting hundreds of comments expressing indignation and fury.

Digg user ciaran036 wrote: "The men in these videos are barely human and should be treated like dogs -- even though these men treat their fellow humans WORSE than we would treat a dog!" YouTube user Zicky posted a similar view: "Sickening. To think these people are in charge of thousands of vulnerable people."
There's also speculation and suggestion in the blogosphere that the video was faked, or that the puppy isn't real. Blogger Lindsay Robertson posted a response to the footage and enraged backlash, writing: "It's so clearly fake!! Still a sick joke, but very obviously fake." Other YouTube users echoed her sentiments, remaining unconvinced of the video's authenticity. "Sure this is sick, but its not even real, give it a rest people," wrote YouTuber MIKEEC.
i can't tell if it's real or not, i'm not an expert on that kind of thing. if it is real, then it's incredibly sad, and even makes me angry. but i don't think it reflects on the whole military. i've read lots of stories of soldiers adopting pets in Iraq. but if it's real that soldier should receive some kind of discipline for conducting himself like that.