May The Best Political Party wins.

Dec 21, 2006
Soulsville Michigan USA
There is at least 10 want to be political party that's in operation, but why do all 10 think that they have a strong political message, and I will start this political debate by talking about the political party I belong to..The Grassroot/
Independent party. I once was a democratic party member, but within the last 8 years the party seem to have losted some of its political power, and as anyone can see the poor Republician party is confused. As a grassroot party member it allows me to be more of a centrist (which is a step away from being Independent), and it also allows our political concept to be viewed from a higher or more centralized power position. As of now the Independent party has not yet selected its candidate for 2008. So may the best powerful political party win.
Republicans will take it, I couldn't take another heartbreaking experience like our last midterm elections. How the eff did you repubs **** that one up so bad?!
I'm sure it has to do with the president's policies, and not giving up the war in iraq so quickly
At least......

At least there will BE a presidential election in '08. if the repugs had won last nov., there would have been no election, and we would be stuck with fascist Bushco regime into the forseable future, IMHO. Curefiend, you ARE being sarcastic, right? With that hammer and sickle avatar, you could not possibly be heartbroken over the repug. defeat....could you? If not, well, shame on me for judging a book by it's cover.
There is no best political party, that's why there are so many. ;)

...or judging a member by their avatar. BTW, nice name... :eek:
I can't recall the name of the president

but I do remember the quote "Democracy is the worst political system, but it's the only one that worked"
Hey, Vitor!

I thought it was: "Democracy is the worst political system, apart from all the rest", by Churchill?